Doctors Speak Out About H1N1 VACCINE DANGERS

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Listen to some opinions from doctors during a recent vaccination conference.

From 91177info

Filmed at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccinations (sponsored by the Nat’l Vaccine Information Center) in October, 2009, listen to what these health professionals have to say!

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I was at my Dr.’s office today , not because I was sick. The doctor and his office manager(his wife) were very upset. They said because of the swine flu vaccine being out they are having a horrendous time trying to get the seasonal flu vaccine for their patients. It seem the government is bypassing the dr’s offices. She said he, the dr., can[t even get one. There is a day care center in town and they can’t get any for the children. They told me they are not taking the swine flu vaccine nor are they getting any of it to give to patients. We had a good conversation about the corruptness of the government and how we don’t trust them.

    It’s very worrisome about the dangers of the nasal H1N1 vaccine. My son’s school has 1500 doses of that to give out!

  • This clip, reminds me of Desiree Jennings: The cheerleader who got a “seasonal-jab” (not the 2009 H1N1 vaccine) but still got the biggest shock of her life – After 10 days diagnosed with an irreversible nerve-illness called “dystonia”.

    Others, keep saying its a one and a million chance, but now that I am seeing article like this. I am thinking otherwise about the credibility of these “flu-vaccines”.


    “If ain’t broke don’t fix it”

  • Jamsie James -

    What’s the matter, squalene is all natural and organic. The truth is, this is just natural selection at it’s best.

  • I am in the US Army. I found out today the H1N1 Vaccine is made mandatory for all military personnel. I am against this, but being in a “Do as I tell you” enviroment such as the military there isn’t a whole lot I can do. I did express my stance on the vaccine to my Sgt, but he just shrugged his shoulders. I try to inform everyone I know on this matter and it seems only a few seem to listen. You would think more people take this more seriously and inquire and demand more information, but I guess the majority is brainwashed by the illusion our government cares about us. “Use the government because they will use you.” Adding to that, we in the military, are told the government does not care about us soldiers and in the same breath they taking about safety. After all the equipment we use is more valueable then the soldier him or herself. It is a sick world we live in and if you want proof… look in your own back yard.

  • M – it is my understanding that once you are in the military you become property of the US government – which is why they can do whatever they want with you.

    Thanks for stepping up and leaving your comment!

  • the H1N1 or Swine Flu virus did put our country in disarray for quite sometime, it is good to know that at least it did not cause so many deaths.

  • Got a concern, I believe I had the h1n1 or worse before the h1n was confirmed in April of 2009. It was the worst cold ever and it took a long time to recover. The doctors gave me antibiotics but all I had was negative reactions as if I could not tolerate the medications. Though before I had no problems with basic stuff as penecillan and amoccacillan, etc. So before it came out they just weren’t even testing for the h1n1 they just kept saying it was a viral infection. So since then I’ve had the h1n1 again in April of 2008 again before it was diagnosed to the public. The 2nd time it did not take me as long to recover and recovered with a ativiral medication. Though the 1st time in 2008, it took me months to recover from the respiratory infection without medications because again at that time they only gave me anitbiotics. So my concern is should I get the h1n1 shot or should I not since that I’ve had the h1n1 twice. And will the scars on my lungs left from the h1n1 ever heal completely or are they scarred for life and what exactly does that mean? Thank you!

  • Unfortunately M. DeHart, we’re just guinea pigs that are only a number. We’re not too important except to maybe see if these shots work for everyone.

    Considering we’re in the military, why would they make us take a shot that has already killed hundreds of others? I am going to my doc to get a waiver until my immune system is tested. I have had chronic sinusitis and now a GI problem that is related to my immune system that is compromised. I think this shot is a ridiculous attempt to pay off more pharmaceutical companies…think of how much money they make each time they stick it to us!!!!

    BTW: Jamsie James, if you’re for eugenics or population control….YOU CAN VOLUNTEER FIRST! Jackass

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