Obligatory H1N1 National Emergency Post (UPDATED CDC Misinformation)

I’m irritated.  I am sick of this government trying to make another emergency out of a possible crisis, and now the media is piling on.

This would be my obligatory post about Obama declaring a national emergency due to the outbreak(?) of swine flu in millions(?), while the media is now telling us that there are fewer doses of the vaccine than was originally thought in hopes of people jumping the fence and deciding to have live virus sprayed up their and their childrens’ noses over a bug that is considered milder than the seasonal flu.

Frakkin’ Please!

If you have had swine flu or know of someone who has had swine flu – let me know – because I just do not believe it.  I just checked the population of my island, somewhere over 200,000 and I have yet TO HEAR OF SOMEONE CONTRACTING SWINE FLU here, and this place is a total incubator because of the tourists coming from every corner of the world.  I should know; I was sick, continuously,  for the first 9 months I lived here.

As for a national emergency, I thought we were still under a national emergency since 9.11.2001 – and it has never been lifted; we just forgot about it.

Okay – rant over – I’m going back to writing scholarship essays…

UPDATE: Just found this CBS Piece about the actual swine flu and the CDC. BWWWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!


By Logistics Monster


  • So, no real flu disaster and yet the pres declares an emergency. Surely he had the CDC data before making that decision so why did he? Well, it’s a way to bypass rules, regulations, and laws. It’s a way to turn schools into healthcare facilities for the poor in inner cities. It’s a way to give illegals some free care at our expense.

    As Rahm said, never let a crisis go to waste, except in this case, the crisis was invented. Shades of things to come.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Last June my 4 year old grandson had the flu. His pediatrician office apparently tested him and came back ten minutes later and told my daughter that he had swine flu. When his preschool was questioning if they sent a report to the state they said they wern’t required to. They were basing their diagnosis on the fact that they claimed that was the only flu going around at that time. They gave him Tamifu and he got over it in about a week.

    The other day I was talking to my son and daughter-in-law, who are administrators in two different school dstricts in my county. They were telling me that thy were given POD training. It stands for Point of Distribution. Some schools in our county have been designated as sites for distributing medication or Tx in case of a big national emergency. Some districts refused to take part in it. My son and his wife said it probably would never even be necessary. I was immediately very concerned and suspicious. I looked it up on the internet. These sites have been set up all over the place. The public will be instructed on where to go. With the news today I feel sure that this is what this POD training is about. I think this has been planned for some time.
    For the record, I live in a pretty populated area and I don’t know of one person who has had the swine flu nor have I heard of any schools who have had a large number of students or staff out sick.

  • Sorry… forgot to include this stat in the previous comment:

    According to the NHTA in Texas during 2007:

    3363 people were killed in car accidents in Texas.

  • letty aka granny gripes -


    rationing exists already
    death panels exist already
    corruption in HC distribution exists already

    THE Portland OREGON OBAMA HC for the H1N1 vaccine death panel published a notice, that children under 5 and pregnant mothers were to get first priority for the vaccine.

    (14 children have died in Oregon from the “swine flu” AND this saga is not about should you get the shots or not, it is a decision that each parent had to make and granny has to stay out of it too)

    After my daughter waited 2 1/2 hours on Thursday to get her son with a compromised immune system vaccinated she was turned away because minorities were moved to the head of the line for the 500 available vaccines, she was pushed back to become number 524 after having arrived early enough with her two children under 5 years of age to be in the 500.

    SO Saturday, she asked me to assist her to make sure she would not be pushed back again. We arrived at 6:20 AM to take our place in line for the next available 300 vaccines at a clinic in Portland. When we arrived, we were number 8 in line !

    Again, several vans arrived shortly before the clinic was to open at 10:00 AM, the organge cones were lifted and the vans bringing minorities (not one of them Asian decent) to the head of the line and everyone was pushed back in line.

    We were number 8 at 6:20 AM and by 10:00 AM we were number 49.

    A desperate father with a child who was a high risk child note from the Doctor, had arrived shortly after we did and waited from 6:30 until 10:00 AM. By the time the “CLUSTER F____K” mismanagement by the death panel deciders, he had been pushed way back in the line. We confronted the death panel organizer and finally he relented and allowed the father to his rightful place.

    In addition, other folks who waited in the cold 44 degree weather with small children from as early as 7:00 AM were pushed back in line, while the “DECIDERS” moved pregnant mothers who arrived hours later ahead of children under age 5 who had arrived hours before them!

    That is what YOUR OBAMA SCARE is really like. Obama’s DEATH PANEL deciders moved minorities, special cases and pregnant mothers ahead of those who waited over 3 hours in 44 degree weather with kids under 5 years of age…

    This is our evil future?

    OBSCENE corruption, rationing, incompetence!

    WE CAN NO LONGER afford this belligerent arrogance and incompetence!

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    SO MR OBAMA SCARE, save everyone

    WHERE are the vaccines if this is really a crisis.

    FOLKS do get it, some die, most survive it.

    The POINT IS, HE FAILED. IF indeed it is the crisis he
    says it is, WHERE ARE THE VACCINES

    HE HAS KNOWN about it for over 2 years, SENATOR OBAMA and CANDIDATE OBAMA and POTUS OBAMA!

    HE NEEDS to be arrested, tried, and put in jail

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Everyone needs to attend one of these clinics just to see what goes on:

    Also, the HC provider was not wearing gloves, touched every kid, etc. not wearing a mask, hMMMMMMMMMMM

    i am not qualified to decide is the swine flu real, is it a hoax
    because I had Polio in l945 at the age of 5 and it was reality.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    My son’s 68 yr old neighbor and his 10 yr old grandaughter had the swine flu 2 weeks ago both survived but where in the hospital for several days.

    My daughter’s neighbor’s 6 year old child has it now or appears to have it and has been in bed for 10 days, no idea why they do not have her in a hospital.

    When I had Polio, no one expected the epidemic either, so again, I am not qualified to judge, My daughter’s DR said her son needed it, she has an OBGYN friend, familiar with my grandson’s condition, who urged her to have him vaccinated. I objected of course but my vote did not count.

  • The schools locally are giving the seasonal flu mist to students, this is with parental permission. Parents are now being told that they have to wait 28 days for their child to receive the h1n1. If they are given to close together it could render both ineffective. So of course the parents that want their child to receive the vaccine are furious, they are hearing daily how bad this is and there is no vaccine or now they have to wait. Also the h1n1 has to be given in 2 doses for children under 10 so that means 2 shots along with the seasonal, imo that is too much too close together. Most children will recover and have a natural immunity, the biggest problem for parents would be an ill, cranky child, as well as missing work.

    I am with Letty I do not know the extend of this, but so far it does not seem rampant, I have heard of young children becoming ill and going to the hospital, mostly for dehydration.

    There were a couple of cases of pregnant women in the hospital, one lost her baby the other the baby survived by the mother did not. While these are tragic there are a lot of pregnant woman who are not getting ill or having a mild case, so the hysteria is driving the story.

    I have not heard anything about people being sent to the front of the line but that does not mean it is not happening.

  • I dropped this one on Twitter this morning: If little piggy flu is a national emergency, then Obamaflu is a galactic emergency.

  • Kristen-in-ohio -

    Ohio is getting hit pretty hard. It is going through the schools. My kids doctor said last Thursday 100 kids were sent home from a local high school. I know our elementary schools are full of kids who have been sick. My 5 year old got it 2 weeks ago and then my husband. The rest of the family stayed healthy. But the 5 year old got Bronchitis as a secondary infection and even after antibiotics she now has pneumonia and is on her second antibiotic. My 10 year old now has the flu- from school. And my 3 year old is starting to have symptoms. The lone hold outs are myself and my 8 year old. The doctors here aren’t even testing people anymore. They say if you are symptomatic then they are saying you “clinically” have the flu. And they are trying not to give Tamiflu unless you have underlying medical issues like asthma in kids or pregnancy- because they are scared the flu will become resistant to it.

    All that being said, my family members who have been sick have had a few rough days but have bounced back. Compared to the seasonal flu- this one was relatively mild. Even my 5 year old who has pneumonia didn’t feel that bad but I’m a nurse so I am pretty cautious and diligent with watching for problems and catching them early. If you are healthy I wouldn’t worry about all the hype. It would be bad if the flu mutated and got resistant to the Tamiflu and they had no treatment but it would affect mostly those with existing health issues. My hospital just received their small amount of H1N1 vaccines and are giving them to the ER department staff. I will not be getting one even when they are offered.

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