Senator Judd Gregg On Greta

The tagline for this video is Senator Gregg’s comment that the country is headed toward a “banana republic”, but that is not what I found so interesting in one of the most clear, concise, and truthful interviews I have seen in months. It’s this; Public Debt is 80% of the GDP without healthcare reform. Listen, pay attention, and understand the unsustainability of what our government has, and is currently doing.

Also, remember that this was Bambi’s choice for Commerce Secretary and he turned it down.

3 thoughts on “Senator Judd Gregg On Greta”

  1. Isn’t it a shame that there are so few in congress that are this honest and with this much integrity? A year and a half ago I had no idea that I would be listening to so many republicans and agreeing to what they are saying!

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