No “Robust Public Option” For Nancy (UPDATED: Pelosi Still Pushing)

(Update at bottom)

It’s a start folks. Nancy Pelosi cannot get enough votes for the type of public option that the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party and their RINO cohorts have been pushing for, so they are going to have to scale back to another form of public option. We cannot allow healthcare reform as it stands now to be passed. Remember what Sen. Gregg said; public debt is at 80% of GDP right now without healthcare reform. This will sink any chance we have of keeping our republic, a republic, and passing on anything but massive, spirit crushing debt to our children.

Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi lacks votes for most sweeping public option

Speaker Nancy Pelosi counted votes Thursday night and determined she could not pass a “robust public option” — the most aggressive of the three forms of a House Democrats have been considering as part of a national overhaul of health care.

Pelosi’s decision—coupled with a significant turn of events yesterday during a private White House meeting—points to an increasingly likely for a trigger option for a government plan.

Administration officials have been telling POLITICO for weeks now that this the most likely compromise because it can probably satisfy liberals—albeit only reluctantly and after many vent frustration and some even threaten to walk away from the bill.

This would clear the way for backers to sneak a limited public option through the and then to win President Barack Obama’s signature.

There has been a flurry of rumors that a robust government option remains viable. But top House Democrats privately concede that is wishful thinking that ignores the power of moderate Democrats in this debate.

The House is now likely to include one of the two weaker versions in the bill that will be considered on the floor as Obama’s historic health-reform plan chugs toward passage.

Update: 10.23.09

Nancy is still pushing for her socialist takeover of healthcare robust public option.  I can’t wait to see her go down in flames with a 34% approval rating in California.  Do not think it can be achieved?  Californians are pretty p***ed off right now.

Pelosi calls an emergency meeting on push for ‘robust’ public option

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to push back the notion she lacks the votes for a “robust” public option.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) called an emergency meeting of her caucus Friday morning to declare that she has not abandoned the push for including that provision in a healthcare bill.

The Speaker met late Thursday night with the Progressive Caucus, the bloc of Democrats most supportive of a robust public option, and assured them that it was still on the table, according to a member in attendance.

And according to attendees, Pelosi reiterated that pledge to the larger caucus at Friday’s morning meeting.

Despite the “congenial,” “lively” and “friendly” caucus meeting Friday morning, Pelosi told reporters that “the answer is no — no decision on that has been made.”

Reporters peppered the speaker and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) with questions on the failure to twist enough arms in favor of a robust option at a press conference with Rep. Ron Klein (D-Fla.) on a provision to close the Medicare “donut hole.”

Pelosi said unequivocally, however, that “at the end of the day we will have a public option in our legislation.”

Clyburn explained that the leaders had been shopping four different versions of a government-run plan around to the Democratic caucus but have yet to determine which to include.

“We are still in the process of determining which public option suits the majority of our caucus,” Clyburn said. (emphasis mine)

So Pelosi is shopping different public option products to her caucus to see which one will fly in order to get the government’s foot farther in the door of healthcare?  I said months ago that this administration and congress are like the mafia trying to take over a bigger piece of the pie.  Banks, car companies, and now healthcare.

I wonder if the shame I feel for being an American woman is ever going to wash off after Barack Obama apologizing to the world for us, and the first female speaker of the house acting like a harpy in a bazaar?

By Logistics Monster


  • california patriot -

    No truer words have been spoken:

    “We cannot allow healthcare reform as it stands now to be passed. Remember what Sen. Gregg said; public debt is at 80% of GDP right now without healthcare reform. This will sink any chance we have of keeping our republic, a republic, and passing on anything but massive, spirit crushing debt to our children.”

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I agree. We have to do whatever we can possibly do to keep this from passing. Hopefully, hand delivering petitions to congress critters on Tuesday will be effective. I hope so. I’m also counting on the Constitutional Convention 2009 to come up with some good plans.

  • Dug? Hasn’t read the Federalist Papers? Are we sure he can even read and write since he likes to plagarize others’s work? This guy has never done anything for himself and has been groomed to be the puppet we now see.

  • GG!!! You now have the defacto job of making me ROFLMAO! When you are not here commenting, I ain’t laughing!

    THANK YOU!!!

  • I said several months ago that I thought they were going to bring H1N1 back as a “crisis” in conjunction with this whole health care thing. Well… here we go…

    Talked with my doctor the other day. His answer for my age… seasonal flu vax, yes. H1N1… no. Rationale: if you have had seasonal flu vax several years in a row at my age, you’re pretty well protected against this current H1N1 strain. H1N1 is primarily affecting people under 24. But, my doctor is not buying into most of this health care reform and H1N1 crap anyway.

  • Seems I remember reading that certain HIPAA privacy regulations can be waived by HHS during a national emergency. So much for your health records.

  • NoTingles -

    One would almost be led to believe that health care reform is the only thing going on. Not so.

    DT offered this comment:
    I personally think the whole Cheney/Obama Afghanistan fiasco is another diversion. Keep paying attention to the FCC, the Global Climate Treaty, and this.

    “this” is a link to gov track recently introduced bills. It’s a ponderous list. You can tell from its content that the socialist caucus still hasn’t got it. Let this be a stern warning: Two things have to happen, or there won’t be an elections in ’12, first, we have to do something about keeping the President from signing the climate change treaty in December, and then in 2010, a serious, thoroughgoing house cleaning has to take place. Otherwise, we are toast.

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