Day: October 23, 2009

Robert Gates Goes To NATO

A VERY POLITICAL White House is fiddling around with the lives of American soldiers making them sitting ducks while they try to stall whatever decision they are going to make about increasing troop levels in the Afghanistan theatre, in the hopes of not pissing anybody else off while they are trying to get dems elected, the socialist takeover of healthcare, and whatever else is on their fascist agenda without political complications from the war. Robert Gates has gone to NATO to pressure Bambi into a decision before this war goes anymore sideways, and now Obama really does look like a…
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Your Daily Glenn Beck: 10.23.09: The Chicago Way & A Baseball Bat

So I am guessing that Bob Bauer is going to replace WH Counsel Greg Craig, but I am still wondering why Bob Bauer was with the McCain campaign at the same time as Obama. Today's message from Glenn is about "The Chicago Way", and if you sit at the White House table long enough, you are gonna get whacked by this administration. (Nothing new to the readers here at the Monster) Update: Loss of Freedom and Global Climate Treaty shenanigans:
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No “Robust Public Option” For Nancy (UPDATED: Pelosi Still Pushing)

(Update at bottom) It's a start folks. Nancy Pelosi cannot get enough votes for the type of public option that the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party and their RINO cohorts have been pushing for, so they are going to have to scale back to another form of public option. We cannot allow healthcare reform as it stands now to be passed. Remember what Sen. Gregg said; public debt is at 80% of GDP right now without healthcare reform. This will sink any chance we have of keeping our republic, a republic, and passing on anything but massive, spirit crushing debt to…
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Washington Bureau Chiefs Stand Behind Fox (UPDATED Bureau Chiefs)

What's that saying; "don't mess with a man who buys ink by the barrel"?  I still believe the White House war on Fox, and now the Cheney/Obama dustup over Afghanistan are both diversions to keep us from looking at what is really going on with the FCC and healthcare reform, (and God knows what else), but something has to be said for the courage of the Washington bureau chiefs that told the WH to stick it when Bambi's juvenile crew tried to keep Fox from interviews with the "pay czar". Barry, better luck next time with your Saul Alinsky tactic…
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