Today’s AYFKM? Award And Why Moms Need To Run For Office: Wendy Portillo

Today’s AYFKM? Award goes to Wendy Portillo and the St. Lucie County School Board for reinstating her after her unbelievably, cruel behavior toward her kindergarten student, Alex Barton.

Moms? Dads? Are you hearing this?  Are you going to get involved in your local school boards to protect your children from teachers like this, and the school board that has reinstated her?

Teacher Wins Back Tenure After Class Votes Out Boy With Autism

A Florida teacher who encouraged her kindergarten students to vote on whether or not a student with autism should remain in her classroom will keep her tenure after winning an appeal.

In May 2008 Wendy Portillo’s kindergarten students voted 5-year old Alex Barton, who has autism, out of their classroom after the boy exhibited behavior problems. As a result, Portillo was suspended from teaching for one year without pay and her tenure was revoked.

However, Portillo appealed and the St. Lucie County School Board decided Wednesday to affirm her suspension, which lasts until November, but reinstate Portillo’s tenure upon her return. Portillo is guaranteed a teaching position with the school district at the end of her suspension, reports WPTV, the West Palm Beach, Fla. NBC affiliate.

By Logistics Monster


  • Huh. So apparently it’s only “everyone gets a Nobel Prize award just for showing up” for non-whites. If you’re lazy, rude, or just plain dangerous and your melanin levels are above a certain mark you pretty much get a free ride for life, but if you’re white and have a legitimate medical condition (probably caused by the government mandated vaccination)you get voted off the island of racism.

    Here’s what I don’t understand: where did this child go after this episode of Kindergarten Idol? Isn’t a public education mandated in every state in this nation? Did they stick this kid in a closet after he was voted out of the class or what?

    Kudos to his mother for fighting this crap, and shame on the St. Lucie County School Board for putting these children back in harms way by reinstating this sorry excuse for a human being. No wonder the publicly educated youth of this country are turning out so pathetic! I certainly understand why you choose to home-school, Diamond!

  • Teacher Unions are the biggest problem in these cases, at least in Florida and I would think most every else in the country.

    The Union is not about better education for the students they are all about getting the benefits that the teachers want and increases. Not saying that teachers should not have either but the focus of the Union is to make sure the teachers are happy and willing to pay dues, so if a case like this comes along you can be sure that the Union was working in the background to see that this woman was reinstated.

    Florida is rampant with cases of people who should never had been teachers, just last week a case about a teacher sitting in his car outside a water park and let’s just say pleasuring himself, he was reported to security and fled. The police caught up with and his reply was he knows he has a problem and needs help. Where is he now, at home pulling a pay check until the investigation is over. I am willing to bet it is due to the hell the Union would raise if he was fired on the spot.

    Over and over cases of teachers having sex with students off school grounds, in offices ,where ever. All of these perverts end up pulling a check until they are eventually found guilty or innocent. Most are not innocent.

    The School system is a swamp , if not cases of sex, abuse of children it is people stealing money from accounts for various activities. I know there are many good and moral teachers but the system protects the ones who should not be, and I believe it is mostly due to the influence of the teachers union.

    I use to work in the system and pulled my daughter out to home-school and operate a home business, this was 15 years ago and I can only tell you things are worse now then they were then, and that was bad enough.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I would like to know how the teacher can say who is in her class and who isn’t. My parents were educators and my father was a superintendent of schools. I know that he would never have allowed a teacher to do that and he wouldn’t have tolerated her coming back. It seems that everything in this country is corrupt.

  • Wow!! Do you think that sorry assed excuse of a teacher could be labeled as a racist? Oh yeah, I forgot, it ONLY works against white people that disagree with the current times…my bad!

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