Day: October 21, 2009

Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.21.09: Controlling The Debate

Wrong thinking, Danger, and Profits are the formula being used against Americans with one more trick up their sleeves. Let's all watch Glenn Beck and Fox instead of paying attention to the healthcare debate raging in the congress. I will update this post as video of the "trick" becomes available. Beck and John Stossel - the truth about Obamacare and the "Doc Fix" The Collapse of the Dollar:
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Any Doubts Remaining About Goldman Sachs?

Mike Morgan of has the research crew and background on this shadow arm of the federal government, and the newest Goldman employee sliding into a position of power inside our government.  Is anyone surprised after what we have seen from Paulson,  Geithner, Kashkari, Gov. Corzine, Robert Rubin, Peter Sutherland, Robert Zoellick, Mark Schwartz, etc.? SEC Hires 29 Year Old Goldman Sachs Alum as "Enforcement" Chief Editor's note: Well, it's official. Goldman Sachs alum have now penetrated every level of regulation, politics, supervision, and enforcement. Enforcement?! That's laughable! Some argue that due to Goldman's sheer size, it is almost impossible…
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The Real Impact Of The Stimulus Bill: Job Losses

The Committee on Ways & Means (Republicans) has just come out with a compilation of the real job losses since the "save or create" stimulus bill was rammed down our throats.  Congratulations to the only state to create jobs, North Dakota, with a job creation total of 1,800 jobs. On the bright side, all that money we gave the big banks saved quite a few jobs while destroying the small business owner and the middle class.  High Five to the White House, Rahm Emanuel, and the rest of the social collectivists among us. Committee On Ways & Means Republicans The…
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