Lindsey Williams On Alex Jones; 10.19.09

I received information about this radio interview today, and I went and found this series of videos for your perusal.  You make up your own minds.

A deathbed confession of an unnamed,85 year old global elite and Bilderberg member given to Minister Lindsey Williams.  Each part of this 8 part series is below the video; just click on the next session.

By Logistics Monster


  • california patriot -

    Wow, I can’t believe no one has commented on this. I listened to it all and took notes. I watched Williams’ video from a year or two ago. I believe what he is saying is true. I say that because I have gotten pretty much the same story from other sources.

    One thing I’d like to talk about is what is happening right here in my home town in Sacramento, California. There are decorative banners along the street in front of the State Capital. They speak to being a part of the change by volunteering. This is pure propaganda! Our mayor is in bed with obama. Our mayor wants to be a “strong mayor”, where he makes all the decisions.

    Regarding churches, two weeks ago they spoke in my church about “sharing our wealth”. This past Sunday they handed out little cards to sign up for a four week program where parishioners have meetings in their homes with other parishioners. The program is called, “My Home is your Home”.

    Furthermore, there is propaganda posted in State buildings, and on billboards in this town.

    Regarding the National ID that Williams talked about, there is an article about that in the “New American” magazine. The National ID falls under the “Providing for Additional Security in States’ Identification Act of 2009” (PASS ID). So much information will be embedded in this ID that it will probably be easier to wear it around our necks, as we will be using it to enter locations under the feds jurisdiction, which includes courthouses and airports, and to open bank accounts, etc.

    Americans need to wake up and look around; it’s hiding in plain sight. It’s time to stand up and say NO!

  • california patriot, I did listen and also took notes and it reminder me of something that I had listen to from drkates.

    They are lectures from the 60’s that had been written by a play writer Myron Fagan. He had a lot of inside information and even had written plays based on what he had been told.

    These lectures are long but full of information, so get out your pen and paper.

  • NoTingles -

    Tin-foil hatters unite!

    If you repeat anything that rev. Williams says, you will probably be repudiated. There are a few who will know what you’re talking about, but only a few. My point here is that no matter what he says, he won’t be believed by enough people in time to put a stop to it. Anyone who’s read what I’ve written here knows that I have been warning about what rev. Williams has been saying, but he has the inside track, and anything I’ve said is just hearsay. Nevertheless, the most hair raising part of this is the Satanic connection, which I’ve mentioned before too. Without it, none of this makes any sense. There’s a lot more behind this than for just a few people to become insanely wealthy. They have already been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. That they do all of this because of the one they worship should curdle your blood. That the Bush Admin. enabled them by forking over 2.5 Trill. last year should be enough to start the revolution this county needs and the current admin so richly deserves. I’m betting that won’t happen though, not before too late. And after that, how will we address that gnawing sensation in our bellies? This IS the tribulations, written about in Revelation. Everything is coming to pass, falling together. Williams spoke of the coming world war, which was also prophesied. It’s important to know that although NWO is on its way, and almost here, it most certainly will NOT be about peace in the world. It IS all about the anihilation of mankind. Either way, world peace or anihilation…they don’t really have the collective competence to bring it off, nonetheless it will be worldwide misery, and death, such that this world has never witnessed in 6,000 years. As futile as it may sound, the only real option is to fight it. This evil MUST be repudiated, because only in doing that will you prove you are on this side of the line for Good. There can be no neutral ground in this one. You are either for God, or against Him. I warn that it’s time for a crash course in what God has commanded, and what He expects of each one of us (ref. Leviticus 23) if necessary, particularly pertaining to the fall “feasts”. Keep in mind, this isn’t just a Jewish thing, this is a God thing and the fall festal schedule is directly related to fulfillment of old and new testament prophecy.

  • If anyone is interested I called and his video is $99.00, while I would like to hear the rest of what he has to say, I am going to have to think about that.

    NoTingles I have felt for a long time that this is what is in Revelations we are living it. As upsetting as all of this is at times I for one am glad that I have a small grasp of the big picture.

    This must be a terrify time for those who do not believe.

  • Those who don’t believe don’t allow themselves to see what’s going on.

    If you truly believe in God then you know that all things will work out as they’re supposed to. I’ve always heard “let go let God” and thought it meant to sit back and let God do all the work, but I’m realizing now what it really means. It means to take care of yourself, prepare for the future, learn as much as you can and God will take care of the rest. Seems pretty simple but simple is usually the best way to go.

    But what do I know? I’m only 32, I’ve never read the Bible and I’m not a part of any standardized religion. I do have eyes that see though and ears that listen. If you take a moment to look around you’ll see that God is all around and us not just in a book or a church.

    Maybe those prophecies are just warning signs? Maybe Revelations doesn’t signify the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning? I guess we’ll never know until we know.

  • ihro-protagonist -

    wow. this is too funny. you guys remind me of the loons that bought into the whole Y2K joke. better go buy a bunch of bottled water. c’mon people, try thinking for yourself for a change. it’s not really that hard.

  • NoTingles -

    ihro-protagonist- wrote: “wow. this is too funny.”
    It is? Since when does thinking for ourselves involve ignoring what’s going on around us because like you, you don’t want to see the signs and where they point?

    It isn’t actually a surprise to me, that loons like you will waste the keystrokes in ridicule of loons like us because loons like you are in the prophecy too. Yes you are! It’s like this concerning you: whoever has ears to hear with, let him hear. You don’t want to pay attention? Then don’t- ‘s up to you.

  • Bartholemu -

    THE answer to “volunteerism” —
    I am THROUGH donating to food banks and shelters, that is “enabling” this government. Why should I “run interference” for those who caused this mess? The POLITICIANS “Friends and Family” have made FORTUNES off this corruption/war/fiasco, let THEM donate. Otherwise, let the people get hungry, MAD and Hungry. Only take care of your own.
    Does this seem cruel? Listen carefully, those who got rich creating this Depression, are getting RICHER now. Why? Because THEY are buying stocks, property, at BARGAIN prices. Meanwhile THEY tell YOU to provide a “safety net” to mitigate the anger that should be poured out on THEM. YOU are supposed to feed the Hungry THEY created. THEY are using THEIR money to further enrich THEMSELVES, while YOU use YOUR money to fix THEIR mess, and feed the hungry THEY caused.Per capita net wealth tumbled to $172,749 in August 2009 from a peak of $212,599 in September 2007, government figures show. A United Nations Human Development Report released Oct. 5 showed America’s quality of life dropped to No. 13 in a 2007 global ranking from No. 5 in 2000.

    The truth is that we are witnessing a nation whose policy is being run so special interests can profit at unprecedented levels while the standard of living of the populace inevitably declines to accommodate the transfer of wealth. It is completely deliberate, and not a bit of it is accidental. The smartest guys in the financial world didn’t all just get stupid and blow it – that’s a facile cover story being propagated by the captured press. They knew exactly what they were doing, they crashed the system to profit at levels it would normally take 50 years of stability to see, and they could give a rat’s ass whether you work at Burger King during your retirement as a result.

  • All i hear is buy my video,
    if he is a minister why is he not tell use ..why do we have to buy his video

  • Concerned Citizen -

    Let’s say all of this IS true. Why would the elite allow this information to get out? I don’t believe that the government is always on the up-and-up, but the horrible things that are discussed by Pastor Williams is dictorial genocide. Many conspirators talk about how the elite admit wanting to eliminate most of the population, create a One World Government and worship the devil. If this is all true why would they let the word get out and why wouldn’t the “confession” of this elite been dealt with. Pastor Williams says he wants to protect the mans identity, but with all the money and power that the elite have how could they possibly NOT know who he is already. Many of the things Pastor Williams says have come true and many more may come true in the future, but I find it a little puzzling that the monster elite would allow him to expose their plan. If this was really on the agenda and Pastor Williams tried to tell the world, I think Pastor Williams would no longer be with us. So many things the conspirators tell us are true, but if the elite really does control all this stuff and has these wicked plans then why would they allow their plans to be known? Besides, this is supposed to have been in the planning for centuries now. Wouldn’t it have been easier to have done this at many other times in history (such as after World War II or before World war I) when the information on all the elite plans wasn’t ready available to anyone with a computer or DVD player? Something to think about!

  • Jo Ann Amorelli -

    I bought the $99, package deal of DVD’s from Lindsey Williams, but am very disappointed. The biggest reason is that 3 of the DVD’s are put out by Stan Johnson, of the Prophecy Club, and he is promoting his oil corporation….there is no connection with Lindsey’s information, with those 3 DVD’s. I tuned out of them, after just a few minutes.

    My theory is that in order for Lindsey to get out his information, he must have had to agree to Stan to let him “ride his coattails, knowing that Lindsey has a big following. I am very disappointed in the extra DVD’s.

    Furthermore, I am disappointed at paying $99. plus shipping, when there isn’t much more in Lindsey’s DVD’s than what he told to different interviewers, namely Alex Jones, Dr. Stan Monteith, and Jeff Rense. I should have saved my money. (I do love Lindsey, but as a retiree, those DVD’s were not worth the charge.

  • write to lindsey about inferior dvd scam/ he appears to be a man of integrity. addressing the man who has not read the BIBLE[ THE BOOK]actual definition. Glad you see, priviledge allowed by the FATHER. So what are you going to do. Hope you make it or are you going to act accordingly and ask YASHUA or JESUS in to your Heart. Don’t like organized religion – most don’t. YASHUA’S ministry was about relationship thus the name FATHER,SON. Died for all the worlds sin.why? to save that which was lost. What was Lost. THE DIVINE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CREATOR AND CREATION. Most will say today that we are made in the image of GOD. Not true. After Adams fall it was said that Seth was made in the image of Adam. A broken,fallen, sinful man. satan has tried to keep mankind from realizing their need for a SAVIOR. If we were still in the image of GOD what would we need a savior for. Thus we can realize that in our fallen condition the GREAT LOVE THE FATHER HAS FOR US BY PROVIDING FOR OUR REAL AND ETERNAL NEED WHICH IS SALVATION THRU YASHUA’S SUBSTITUTIONARY DEATH ON OUR BEHALF.WOW what a relationship that HE loved us so much to restore that which was LOST. FOR YOU MOCKERS AND SCOFFERS of these last days. what shall be your end – you know. howl and cry for repentance. perhaps HIS INCREDIBLE MERCY WILL BE SHINED ON YOU. Let us hope so.

  • Lana Trevi -

    I’ve listened to Lindsey on the Alex Jones show a few times, and every time it is so frustrating listening or trying to listen to this guy. He just keeps going on and on that he knows something and he is going to share with you at some time and finally he just gives you a snippet that leaves you frustrated. I will try to avoid this guy from now on.

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