Glenn Beck Interviews Lord Monckton About The Global Climate Treaty

Glenn Beck does a radio interview with Lord Christopher Monckton about the Global Climate Treaty which will cede American sovereignty.   This interview breaks it down into more manageable pieces for those of us WHO JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO READ IT as we are working on other un-American socialist, marxist, communist, fascist b*llsh*t.  Nothing like listening to a brit say “keening zombies” to make you smile.

Lookie, lookie what the Monster has found. The entire speech that Lord Monckton gave to the Minnesota Free Enterprise Insitute on 10.15.09. Warning: it is 1:35:33 – so get comfy.

11 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Interviews Lord Monckton About The Global Climate Treaty”

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  2. A Must See! This falls under the topic, “Cannot Be Believed Because It Is Way Too Scary.” Watch it anyway. Spread it far and wide. We are in deep doo folks. Listen to the Monster, for she is not the only one who is Relentless…

  3. Thanks for the thumbs up Dame – I just could not find the time to write about this when it broke…still chasing that frakkin’ bank I spoke about a couple of weeks ago. Now we have the 1502 page Baucus communist tax bill to deal with. Arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!

  4. Here are parts 1 and 2 from a different source:

    IMO, signing that treaty in December would be an act of treason but signing is legal. An international treaty would have to be approved by 66% of the Senate but there’s a way around that. Obama can do an end run by doing a national bill that only needs a simple majority in both houses. If the Dems do that, they could lose power in 2012 and stay out for a generation. It would take a new generation of dummies to ever elect them again.

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  9. I played it through twice please dont take this one down just yet or at least the last 10 min, the Health Care is just a distraction and will not matter anyways if this treaty is signed thanks Diamond Tiger keep up the good work.

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