Another Obama Czar Agrees With Chairman Mao

Imagine That?!!!

Thanks to NakedEmperorNews for this clip:

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    If we don’t get this hoodlum out of OUR oval office right away we are doomed! WE SIMPLY MUST DO IT!! SOMEHOW!!

  • I had been working on this very thing for my blog tomorrow. You are just too fast, DT!

    And HOLY CRAP – remember how our families and friends scoffed at us for claiming Obama was a Socialist with a capital “S”? They would not believe the direction in which he would lead the country.

    I wonder what they think now???

  • Rev – I am sure you have way more to say about this I than I did. I am currently working on something that may interest you – may I drop the link over at Rabble?

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