Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.16.09: Doctors’ Opinions

You can watch the hour long special on PatriotsNetwork later today.  I will be updating this post as necessary today since I have not yet actually seen it and may want to add something later.

By Logistics Monster


  • I watched the whole thing. I heard seven major themes coming from the experienced doctors:

    1. Government pretty much screws up anything it touches.
    2. ObamaCare is nothing but a government takeover of the health industry.
    3. Nothing being proposed is dealing with the real issue of cost.
    4. Tort reform is a major component required for true reform and cost reduction.
    5. Managed care has removed the patient from seeing the true cost of health care.
    6. Insurance needs to be for catastrophic events much like automobile insurance.
    7. Routine, preventative, and recurring care should be handled through HSAs and/or tax incentives.

    The really interesting thing was to watch the dichotomy between the medical students and the experienced doctors. One could tell many of the medical students had been fed the Obama narrative from liberal academia and showed a level of naivete that was breathtaking.

    All of the above themes many of us have been discussing here for many months. The doctors arguments and concerns mirror the exact same points many of us have been making.

  • What Dug said was right on. There’s one aspect of cost that no one is discussing. Even bigger than tort, insurance companies invest in risky investments and pass along their losses to policy holders which include doctors and patients. Congress could easily pass a law preventing that practice but they haven’t done it. Real cost concerns haven’t been addressed by any bill.

  • Tort reform will never happen. The lawyers helped to buy obama’s presidency. They didn’t do us any favors.

  • I love the hot chick in the short skirt in the front row that is planted there who doesn’t say a word or raise her hand once.

  • Is it just me, am I the only one whose head feels like it is going to explode??

    When are WE The People going take charge…sending a non-violent shot over the bow with… A NATIONAL STRIKE!!!

    ATLAS MUST SHRUG… WE THE PEOPLE are the ones’ who do the heavy lifting, that turns the gears of commerce…

    SHUT IT DOWN… if we do not show the powers that be what we are capable of it won’t matter, whining, whimpering…death.
    A slow and agonizing, painful, slooowww suffication of our liberty, life, future…MAKE THEM BEG US TO STOP STRIKING AND GET BACK TO WORK!! Please comment…

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