Which Is It Harry? $829 Billion or $2 Trillion

I believe I actually read somewhere that the healthcare reform bill is going to cost $3 Trillion, and for the life of me, I cannot remember where I saw that; maybe Cato – I’ll have to track it down again.

Anywhoooooo; a question for Harry Reid; is healthcare going to cost $829 Billion, $2 Trillion, or completely bankrupt our economy as we are currently now at $105 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities without healthcare reform?

He talked about CBO saying that there would be $54 billion saved each year if we put caps on medical malpractice and put some restrictions…tort reform…$54 billion.  Sounds like a lot of money, doesn’t it, Mr. President? The answer is yes.  But remember, were talking about $2 trillion, $54 billion compared to $2 trillion.  You can do the math.  We can all do the math. Its a very small percent.

By Logistics Monster


  • Even the $2 Trillion number is ridiculously low. When has the Federal government ever been close to their original cost estimates… oh say by about a factor of at least 10?

    Let’s put it this way… if the CFO of any major corporation were off in his projections by the same orders of magnitude, how long would he be employed?

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Furthermore ARROGANT, egotistical HARRY, that 59 billion a year that can be saved with malpractice reform and tort reform that you call a piece of lint on your Armani Suit that you claim is NOT WORTH CHASING in that so called OBAMA SCARE, the population control scam, you are passing off as HC reform,

    NOW YOU GO TELL the 30 million middle class heads of households who are unemployed because of your incompetence with zero chance of every finding another job to feed their little kids that it is just not worth capturing to maybe create a few new jobs, or for ??

    YOU egotistical arrogant pr__k!

    WE WILL BE HAPPY to remind the middle class voters when you try to get another term in office.

    PASS IT ON AND POST IT EVERYWHERE UNTIL dear sweet, kind fighting for the middle class pr__k sees it.

    Shame that arrogant jerk every day for the next 6 months.

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