Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.14.09: Being Dragged Towards Marxism (ACORN REFUNDING UPDATE)

(See Update below)

Glenn starts with Obama’s broken promises about lobbyists and a single payer healthcare plan leading right into America being dragged towards marxism, and let’s not forget about the red phone.



Readers are looking for information about Michelle Bachman and the refunding of ACORN. Here are two vids; the first from KTLKFM on 10.08.09 , and the second from today’s Glenn Beck program.

Glenn’s view of Lindsey Graham:

By Logistics Monster

One Comment

  • I like Glenn and I think all of the information he sheds light on is a good thing but are we getting distracted and is our attention being diluted away from the two things that can save America?

    1) We must as states claim the 10th Ammendment in itsfullness! If we do so Health care, Cap and tax, and so on are all moot. If a state gov and legislature stood up and said they protect their citizens from the IRS and they would only ask them to pay for certain parts (Constitutional) of the federal buget we would win.

    2)Force the issue of BHO’s “Natural Born” citezenship. He is an anchor baby and that is it. His father was not a US citezen and under the definitiion of “Natural Born” that is not good enough.

    I think we need to focus.

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