Get Your Healthcare Plan At The DMV

Let’s just put aside the un-Constitutional insanity of this healthcare reform that allows the US Government to order Americans to buy insurance or be fined and imprisoned, and go join Alice behind the looking glass.   I am going to have to stop chasing one particularly interesting rabbit and read all 262 pages of the Baucus markup for even more interesting tidbits than the one I just ran across over at CNSNews.  Page 22 of the PDF; item 6.

6.  Enable consumers to enroll in health care plans in local hospitals, schools, Departments of Motor Vehicles, local Social Security offices, and any other offices designated by the state;

You Will Get Health Insurance at DMV—Literally (It’s in the Bill)

The most revelatory passage in the so-called “plain English” version of the health care bill that the Senate Finance Committee approved on Tuesday (without ever drafting the actual legislative language) says that in the future Americans will be offered the convenience of getting their health insurance at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This is no joke. If this bill becomes law, it will be the duty of the U.S. secretary of health and human services or the state governments overseeing federally mandated health-insurance exchanges to ensure that you can get your health insurance at the DMV.

You do not get food at the DMV. You do not even get auto insurance at the DMV. But under what The Associated Press inaptly calls the Finance Committee’s “middle-of-the-road health care plan,” you will get health insurance at the DMV.

What will the DMV and health care have in common if this bill is enacted? Government will control both.

The public option is only one lane on the road to socialized medicine. Government subsidies and government regulations are two others—and they run like a super highway through the Finance Committee bill.

The bill orders all states to create an “exchange” where companies offering government-approved plans can sell health insurance. Americans earning up to 400 percent of the poverty level ($103,000 for a family of five) would be eligible for federal subsidies in the form of a refundable tax credit to buy health insurance—but only if they buy one of the government-approved plans in the government-created exchange.

The government will not pay this subsidy to the individuals purchasing insurance. The U.S. Treasury will pay it directly to the government-approved insurance providers.

“The Treasury would pay the premium credit amount to the insurance plan in which the individual is enrolled,” says the committee’s “plain English” text.

Four different levels of insurance plans will be available in the exchange—Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. But every year, the secretary of health and human services will determine what services need to be offered by these government-approved and government-funded plans.

“The Secretary of HHS,” says the “plain English” text, “would be required to define and update the categories of covered treatments, items and services within the benefit classes no less than annually through a transparent and public process that allows for public input, including a public comment period.”

Under this bill, the government commands individuals to secure insurance for themselves and their dependents. “In order to insure compliance, individuals would be required to report on their Federal tax return the months for which they maintain the required minimum health coverage for themselves and all dependents under age 18,” says the text.

The government would enforce this mandate with a fine. “The consequence for not maintaining insurance would be an excise tax of $750 per adult in the household,” says the text.

The bill does not similarly order businesses to provide employees with health insurance. However, people who get insurance through their employer will not be eligible for the federal subsidies.

And here is the whip the government will use to drive most Americans into government-approved, government-subsidized, government-controlled health insurance: An employer that decides not to provide health insurance for its workers will be required to pay a fee to the government for each of its workers that receives a federal subsidy. But the total paid to the government by any employer will be capped at $400 times the total number of that employer’s workers.

Even though this fee will not be tax deductible, it will be far cheaper for a business to pay the government $400 per worker than to pay a private insurance company thousands per worker for an insurance plan.

I have to wonder how going to the DMV is going to bring costs down and increase access?  You have got to be freakin’ kidding me!

By Logistics Monster


  • Bruhahahahaha!!!! Oh man… I remember the DMV when we lived in California. What a nightmare…. the one stop shop for everything related to autos, RVs, boats, etc. The thing I remember was they had different lines for different purposes… drivers license, vehicle registration, title changes, etc, etc. The trick was always to find the right form and the right line. If you screwed up on any of that, you went to the back of the line. And that’s if the person working at the station you were in line for did not decide to go on break just as you were next. Then you had to go to the back of another line. I can just imagine adding health insurance into this mix… it’s the making of a great Monty Python movie.

    I don’t know how this would work in Texas. In Texas, we do not have a DMV. If you need to do something with your driver’s license, you go to a local DPS office. But, that is ALL they do there. Vehicle registration, RV’s, boats, title changes, etc. are all handled through the individual county tax assessor’s offices. Maybe this wouldn’t be Monty Python… more like Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles.

    Sorry… I have to try to keep my sense of humor. This stuff has gone way beyond the point of being ridiculous… you couldn’t think this stuff up in your wildest dreams.

  • Here’s the thing Dug – you tell me the people behind the counter are even remotely qualified to help with the purchase of a healthcare plan? BWWAAAHHHHHH!!!

  • california patriot -

    I wish I could tell you how I really feel about this bill and what to do with the people behind it, but if I did I’m sure they’d put me in a FEMA facility.

    I will say this, they are all Communists who need to be hauled to prison for treason. I saw their smug mugs on the news today; they were all SOOO happy! It made me sick.

  • Does having to go to the DMV for health insurance mean we’ll have to go to Jiffy Lube for a physical?

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    what you missed

    at the DMV here you have to register your “POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATION”

    so now, assume you check any box except Democrat?

    ONE would assume they would have used AL GORE’s internet to manage there population control scam.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Q. are there any class action law suits being organized to challenge this Obama Scare population control scam ?

    I REFUSE TO CALL it HC reform,

    TEXAS, how is that plan to withdraw from the Union going?

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  • Well… looks like I spoke too soon. Just got a registration notice on one of our cars. Looks like effective November 1, 2009, Texas will now have a DMV. Oh the joy!

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