Day: October 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin’s New Political Group

For all those Sarah Palin fans out in the upside-down world of Bambi and Mishy where Americans apologize for breathing, and where if passed, you will be required to obtain a  healthcare plan through numerous outlets - one of which will be the DMV, AND we are letting the UN, Iran, and Russia walk all over us, some good news is coming out of the WSJ.  For those of you that believe that the woman pictured here is not going to be President someday, better start crying in your adult beverage of choice now.  And Olympia, yes, you are making…
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Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.14.09: Being Dragged Towards Marxism (ACORN REFUNDING UPDATE)

(See Update below) Glenn starts with Obama's broken promises about lobbyists and a single payer healthcare plan leading right into America being dragged towards marxism, and let's not forget about the red phone. ******** UPDATE: ACORN REFUNDING Readers are looking for information about Michelle Bachman and the refunding of ACORN. Here are two vids; the first from KTLKFM on 10.08.09 , and the second from today's Glenn Beck program. Glenn's view of Lindsey Graham:
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Get Your Healthcare Plan At The DMV

Let's just put aside the un-Constitutional insanity of this healthcare reform that allows the US Government to order Americans to buy insurance or be fined and imprisoned, and go join Alice behind the looking glass.   I am going to have to stop chasing one particularly interesting rabbit and read all 262 pages of the Baucus markup for even more interesting tidbits than the one I just ran across over at CNSNews.  Page 22 of the PDF; item 6. 6.  Enable consumers to enroll in health care plans in local hospitals, schools, Departments of Motor Vehicles, local Social Security offices,…
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