Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.13.09: 6 Degrees Of Obama

Obama has always been about image and the marketed campaign; why should that change now since it is what propelled him into the WH with 143 days in the US Senate before he started campaigning for Leader Of The Free World?

Wake up America!!

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    “THEY” will shove some form of evil bill down our throats and tell us it is good for us. We better like it because if you say anything bad, you will be rounded up and “re-educated” to straighten out your unhealthy “me-me-me” attitude. How selfish of you to want to have control over your own destiny? That can not be good for the collective. You must conform. If you do not conform, we will punish you.

  • This beggars understanding. It’s the most ignorant and irresponsible thing I’ve ever seen on television.

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