Today’s AYFKM? Award: Banning The American Flag

I personally would like to know WHO would be offended by the flying of an American Flag in America? Can you say “Fascism In America”?  Take your flag down or be evicted?


Today’s AYFKM? Award goes to the management of the Oaks Apartments in Albany, Oregon for stating that the flying of the American flag may offend someone, and therefore needs to be taken down and put away.  If the flag offends you….DON’T LOOK and Get The Hell Out!

Apartment residents told to take down U.S. flags

ALBANY, Ore. – At the Oaks Apartments in Albany, the management can fly their own flag advertising one and two bedroom apartments – but residents have been told they can’t fly any flags at all.

Jim Clausen flies the American flag from the back of his motorcycle. He has a son in the military heading back to Iraq, and the flag – he said – is his way of showing support.

“This flag stands for all those people,” said Clausen, an Oaks Apartment resident. “It stands for the people that can no longer stand – who died in wars. That’s why I fly this flag.”

But to Oaks Apartment management, Clausen said, the American flag symbolizes problems.

He was told to remove the red, white and blue from both of his rides, or face eviction.

“It floored me,” he said. “I can’t believe she was saying what she was saying.”

Even long-time residents like Sharron White, who has flown a flag on her car for eight years, has been told to take it down.

White said management told her that “someone might get offended.”

“I just said to her ‘They’ll just have to get over it,'” White said.

Resident we talked to who had been approached to take down their flags all told us the same thing: that management told them the flags could be offensive because they live in a diverse community.

Attempts to find out for ourselves why management would ban flags were unsuccessful. KATU wanted to talk to management at Oaks Apartments, but no one has returned our calls. The woman we were told had made the decision said she was “not going to answer any questions.”

The mother of one soldier fighting in Iraq put up a poster in her son’s apartment window when she learned of the ban. Her son’s roommate said he’ll risk eviction to make sure it stays.

Another Oaks Apartment resident, Judith Sherer, doesn’t have a car. Instead she carries an American flag around the complex to protest the ban, and wonders if the flag pin she wears is next to be “singled out.”

“If I put it on and I walk outside, what’s going to happen?” Sherer muses. “Am I going to be confronted by a manager about this?”

We’re told the ban includes sports flags and even flag stickers on cars.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    A lot of brave men died for that flag, and “THEY” will reap the wrath of true patriotic Americans if this is allowed to stand. The lady that has banned the flag should be tried for treason. We need to get things under control, and by swearing out charges against people like this, we may have a starting place. Research “Citizens Grand Juries” and get one started in your area. Bring formal charges against those that commit treason. Let’s show them what Patriots are capable of in defending what America stands for.

  • Robin in Texas -

    I believe the next “stimulus” in this country shuld be to send all these flag haters with a one way ticket to
    Anywhere outside of USA. The passport should read NO RETURN!
    I will gladly pay for the first ticket. There are plenty of people that would risk life and limb to come here and I bet they would gladly defend the Red, White and Blue.

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    BAN THE FLAG ? right to: “quiet enjoyment of your home”?

    Ranks right up there with sending a 6 year old kid, because he is a boy scout, you think, excited to use his camping survival utilities, knife, fork, spoon to reform school because he brought it to school.

    WHERE IS THE FREAKING OUTRAGE HERE. A 6 year old! can that “d_%^&*()_+ firggin D – deranged, demented loser teacher and principal teach the kids to read and write in first grade ?

    WHEN will YOU / WE all stand up and say this is beyond enough already?

    I THOUGHT I’d lost my mind, when IOWA banned sledding about 5 years ago, because a kid could get hurt.

    THE kids in friggin communist OREGON are wearing helmets to school to wear when they play on the playgrounds!

    MUST wear a helmet while TAKING a bath is next ?

    STAY THE %^&*( out of our homes! LEAVE US ALONE!

    LEGAL NORMAL CITIZENS OF THE USA are your throats slit or what is the problem, when the (*&^$%$%^&%$ are you going to pick up the pitchforks and torches so to speak.

    That 6 year old kid goes to reform school, while the illegals rape and murder your 13 year old and they get to become citizens as a reward and you say and do NOTHING !




  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    I really have a serious headache over this,

    I moved from the extreme left wing Minnesota to Communist Oregon,

    Then that harmless 6 year old kid gets sent to reform school for brining his boy scout camping table ware to school

    and here in OREGON, an illegal raped and murdered a 13 year old and went scott free because he was a “protected” class. it was even more outrageous that that. There were several involved etc. and they are all out on the street now, driving with a state of OREGON DL license and without auto insurance.


    do you ever get so frustrated that your head feels like it is going to explode,

    this was on top of SNOWE in MAINE raining on our parade.
    BIPARTISANSHIP my _____royal__________$%^&*)_

    That arrogant PR__________________ actually smirked at all of us to gloat that ONE so called conservative caved in to the GAWD LAWD Almighty.

    I am just going to go crawl into my padded room tonight, the only place of sanity.


    he gets trotted off just like Nixon did.

  • ReallyFrigginDisgusted -

    Can you post the telephone number for the management office of this complex? I say we bombard the jerks with phone calls and bust our butts to take ’em down.

    Honestly — where is one good psycho when you need one?

  • Solid Citizen -

    Public law 109-243 / HR 42 Section 3

    A condominium association, cooperative association, or residential real estate management association may not adopt or enforce any policy, or enter into any agreement, that would restrict or prevent a member of the association from displaying the flag of the United States on residential property within the association with respect to which such member has a separate ownership interest or a right to exclusive possession or use.

    Expressly public law since July 24,2006 and presumably constitutionally protected since December 15, 1791

  • Thanks for the updated Solid Citizen – better let the ACLU know because they say the management is within their rights because it is private property.

  • While I am totally disgusted with this kind of thing, maybe the better way to go is to hit this place in their wallet.

    I know where I live there are so many places for rent, if people who live there are outraged maybe they should just move and let these jerks feel it where it hurts.

    I am sure if there are more places to rent than renters they could find places that would gladly let them fly “Old Glory.”
    Of course they may have leases and I understand moving is a very large undertaking but if this management thinks they have the last word then they can have empty units.

    Also this is not just about the flag it is about control, the neighbor who is not bothered by this stupid rule may be the victim of the next.

  • If one gets evicted, I don’t believe they would be liable for completing the lease. Also, is it stipulated in the lease agreement that the residents will not fly an American flag? I had not heard about this and I just got back from our monthly meeting of the Vietnam Veterans of America meeting hereand somebody mentioned it. I googled it on the ‘net and came up with this. Here in Texas the manager of the apartments would be tarred and feathered. In Oregon, it is the flag-flyer who gets tarred and feathered.

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