First Ever “Idiots In Charge” Award

Today’s AYFKM? Award has already been given to the flag banning management of Oaks Apartments in Oregon, and because imbecilic events continue to occur throughout the day, I felt the need for another award that is geared more toward sheer “slap Americans in the face” stupidity than the un-freakin’-believable escapades like The Fed “losing” $9 Trillion or Nancy speaking about a value added tax in our future while we have almost 10% unemployment and millions are losing their homes.

Introducing the Monster’s first ever “Idiots In Charge” Award.

Today’s Award is being presented to Michelle Obama (surprise) and Kathleen Sebelius (more surprise).

I suppose you could say that $373 MILLION to improve vending machine food will stimulate a job somewhere, but for the life of me, I’m thinking that maybe that $373 MILLION would have been spent better elsewhere or not at all considering we have $105 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. (Get used to seeing that debt clock link.)  Many mahalos to Byron York of the Washington Examiner for writing about this story, and my apologies for shamelessly printing it in it’s entirety.

Michelle: $373 million in stimulus money for better vending machine food

First Lady Michelle Obama visited the headquarters of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington Tuesday. She devoted much of her talk to “the growing threat of obesity, particularly childhood obesity” in the United States, and she touted HHS’s recently-announced plan to spend $373 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on plans to, among other things, improve the healthfulness of foods in vending machines.

The first lady did not discuss how such work might stimulate the economy or speed economic recovery. But she had glowing praise for the stimulus’ role in fighting obesity. “Congress and the president included $1 billion for prevention and wellness programs in the Recovery Act,” she told the crowd of cheering DHS workers, “and that includes funding for initiatives that will give communities the resources they need to address the obesity epidemic in their communities. This includes $373 million announced last month that would be available for communities that put together comprehensive plans to reduce obesity –- $373 million — and that would include everything from incentivizing grocery stores to locate in underserved areas; it could include improving meals at school; to getting more healthy, affordable foods into vending machines; to creating more safe, accessible places for people to exercise and play; and a whole lot more.”

Last month HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that the $373 million in stimulus money will be the “cornerstone funding” of the Recovery Act Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative. The announcement was an invitation to groups around the country to apply for grants under the program, which will be called Communities Putting Prevention to Work. “Funded projects will emphasize high-impact, broad-reaching policy, environmental, and systems changes in schools (K-12) and communities,” the HHS announcement said. “For example, communities will work to make high-fat snack foods and sugar-sweetened beverages less available in schools and other community sites and to use media to promote healthy choices. In addition, funded communities will be encouraged to provide quality physical education in the nation’s schools and enact comprehensive smoking bans.”

This week, HHS announced another $120 million in stimulus funds will be made available for similar purposes.

This is one of those moments when one truly realizes how far out in left field this group of fat, happy, and sassy insiders are.

Michelle? Kathleen?  Are you out-of-your-freakin’-minds? I would be so embarrassed to be part of a push to change vending machine food using taxpayer dollars  when there are so many more bigger issues to be concerned with.

I can almost feel a “Let Them Eat Cake” moment coming.  Probably tomorrow.

By Logistics Monster


  • First of all I do not understand the need for vending machines in schools, especially elementary. Students do not get breaks, they have a lunch period, they either bring lunch or buy lunch from the cafeteria. So why vending machines?

    If the concern is childhood obesity one of the best ways to help combat that has all but been eliminated in a lot of schools, it is called recess. Let them out to kick a ball, jump rope or just run around.

    Kids need fresh air and exercise and the last time I checked this does not cost anything. I read recently that an alarming number of children are lacking in Vit D, the sunshine vitamin.Also most of us know that Vit D offers protection from the flu, could that be one of the reason that young children seem to be getting hit harder by the H1N1? I believe that part of the uptick in ADHD is that we are trying to stifle the natural impulses of a very active child, usually boys, to move they know what they need unlike the expert who thinking sitting behind a school desk is better.

    Also how about we try to create a safer world in which parents can feel good about letting their children hop on a bike and explore the neighborhood. Why do we not protect our children form the predators that the police catch and judges let free?

    Most parents are overwhelmed these days, they keep their children inside after school. The usual day is mom and dad go to work, kids go to school, school is out , kid goes home, mom or dad checks in and they kid waits til they get home, watching tv, video games and computer. All the while of course kids being kids will snack. Would they rather be outside, I would think most of them would but it is not safe and parents have to do what is necessary, this is an ass backward way to live.

  • california patriot -

    Kathy, yes, parents are up to their eyeballs in “overwhelm”, i.e. work, kids, house, bill, taxes, etc. However, now the fraud wants moms to go to college! This will further remove mom from the family unit. But, that is the intent! The destruction of the family unit. As G. Edward Griffin stated in a speech in 1971, “Totalitarians would prefer no family units at all if they could force that on the people. The communes of Red China or Haight-Ashbury are ideal for their purposes. But almost the same results can be achieved even within the institution of matrimony, if only the people involved can be induced to abandon their parental responsibilities, because the real objective is to remove the family as a possible alternate source of guidance and support. If the family is weak, then, in time of need, people have no choice but to turn to the state for help. And if the home can be turned into nothing more than an eat-and-sleep club, then the children will be at the mercy of government nurseries.”

    And so they are accomplishing their goal of becoming the parent. They know what is best for our children to eat and drink. Parents have been kept so busy, they are no longer able to monitor their children’s food intake, or much else for that matter.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Isn’t Meanchelle the one who says she loves pie and eats it eveyday from OUR kitchen, that OUR bakers make such good pie? I believe she exercises a lot so she can eat pie.

  • The thing that everyone seems to forget is that the Stimulus Bill was designed to stimulate the economy not as an expense account for Michelle and Van Jones.

    Another problem with this is it is “one time money.” From the sounds of Mrs. BHO’s plan this will need continued funding. Will it find its way into the buget after this money runs out? Oh wait the money ran out 20 years ago.

  • Walt – you are absolutely correct – they plan on being “in power” and “ruling” for a very long time at our expense.

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