Charles Payne, The 2010 Elections, And The Redistribution Of Wealth

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Charles Payne explains the redistribution of wealth that is occurring right now in our country through the “stimulus bill”, leading to the disbursement of most of stimulus funds right before the 2010 elections.  Just remember $105 TRILLION DOLLARS of unfunded liabilities; money we have promised to pay…

Part 2 with Charles Payne:

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8 thoughts on “Charles Payne, The 2010 Elections, And The Redistribution Of Wealth”

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  3. It’s not the stimulus bill we have to worry about, it’s TARP. The stimulus will give money to some worthwhile projects in our states while the TARP bill gave billions to the fraudulent bankers who tanked the financial system in the first place. Our entire Congress puts corporate interests over the needs of every American citizen. As a result, there has been a massive transfer of the country’s wealth to the top 1% of the richest of the rich. What I want is a redistribution of that wealth. The rest of America is entitled to share in the wealth of the nation, and we need to get radical about that!

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  5. Sharon – what we really need to worry about is Barney Frank introducing new bills to take the money that comes back and put it toward more redistribution of the wealth bills instead of putting it down the deficit…he has at least 2 now that address this.

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