Your Daily Glenn Beck, 10.12.09: Who Really Wins On Healthcare Reform?

Glenn starts this program with the new war on terrorism: The White House vs. Fox News.  Fox News is the new “Enemy of the State”?

He then continues to lay out who exactly is benefiting from the healthcare reform being put forward by the dems – and it isn’t us.  Can you say SEIU?

White House: Fox News Is “Communications Arm Of The Republican Party” 10.11.09

Fox News this morning:

Fox News Responds To Anita Dunn’s Criticism 10.12.09

Glenn Beck: Who Really Wins?

Glenn Beck – Obama Goes To War With Fox News And Freedom Of Speech

By Logistics Monster


  • Speaking of SEIU…I work for the State of CA and we have a contract yet we still are a part of SEIU, which doesn’t make sense. Also the dues are $38.44/mo (it was $40.40/mo as of June 09) and if you’re not part of the union you get to pay $37.44 (I’ve been told by people who aren’t actually in the union that they pay $1 less it might be $2 less). Now as a State worker we have 3 furlough days a month which equates, for me, to a loss of $300/mo.

    What do I get for that almost $40/mo? Apparently nothing except a purple shirt and a sign that I can put in my yard proclaiming how proud I am to be a State worker.

    $40 is a weeks worth of groceries for me. If the union cared so much why are they taking food out of my mouth?

  • Kathy.. I’ve never laughed so much!! That clip should be on S.N.L.!! I WAS there in 91, and trust me, Those alarms are NOT airraid sirens.. they are from a chemical alarm system, which can be controlled. We could set our watches by when the scuds were incoming. They came every 4 hours around the clock, and never at 6 am…they were sent at 9pm,1am,5am…etc.Just goes to show how full of B.S. the lame stream media is!

  • 77Jack, Doesn’t SEIU have numerous court cases to fight the Governor’s illegal decision to ignore contracts? Also, did you go to work on Columbus day to fight for the holiday the union got for you, or did you fold to the Governor?

  • Did I go to work on Columbus Day to fight for the holiday the union got for me? Are you implying the SEIU got that holiday for me? I don’t believe SEIU was the labor union when the holiday was “given” to us. And what would I be doing if I folded for the Governor? What does that mean exactly?

    What is your point? Are you trying to say that SEIU is my friend? Or a friend of the people? You must be drinking some pretty powerful stuff if that’s what you’re trying to say. You should wake up…or the world will move on without you.

  • Yeah I was going to call him/her/it on that but decided against it. They probably won’t even come back to reply, just wandering around the net stirring up crap.

  • The contract you have was fought for by the union. That same contract includes Columbus Day. Even if you won’t answer, I’ll ask again… Did you go to work on Columbus Day? Did you stand up for what’s in the contract that the union fought for? Are you filing a grievance for holiday pay as provided in your contract? Or, are you allowing the Governor to illegally ignore your contract? They’re not hard questions…

  • When did SEIU fight for columbus day for me? When did SEIU become the main union for the state of california? CSEA was the union for the state until at some point SEIU absorbed them. Did CSEA get Columbus day or did SEIU? How long have we been observing Columbus day as a state holiday?

    The reason I joined SEIU in the first place was because I thought unions were good. While they do have their place SEIU has been corrupted by weak minded individuals (and use that term loosely) like yourself. You need to be spoon fed and helped a long in life. You are a sheep. I am a goat. I go my own way, but I’m not a moron. I will use those things that are freely given and when I don’t need them anymore I will let them fall to the wayside.

    I would rather not have a union. I would rather get together with my fellow workers and file a class action lawsuit against the state. I would rather take care of myself and if/when I decided that this job isn’t for me because the Gov is walking over us I will move on. I unlike you have a mind and a will and I don’t need anyone to fight for me. I fight for myself.

    I would rather have that $40/mo in my pocket. I would rather feed myself with the money that I earned. Life is made of choices. At this particular moment the negatives don’t out weigh the positives but it’s close. So I stay. If you are trying to prove how courageous you are and how weak I am because I may or may not have stayed home on monday then all I have to say to you is “wake the F up”. Look around you and you will see that no one is happy. Fighting for Columbus day while our country is being stolen from us is a waste of valuable time. Wake up before you are rolled over and plowed under with the rest of the collectivists.

  • Thank you for finally answering the simple questions, even if you had to resort to childish name calling and making stuff up to directly attack someone asking simple questions that you refused to answer in the first place.

  • “Also, did you go to work on Columbus day to fight for the holiday the union got for you, or did you fold to the Governor?”

    Break that down and ask yourself if it is a well thought out question. This is how my thinking goes:

    “Did I go to work to fight for the holiday the union got for me” Now what do you mean by work? Usually if one goes to work they go to the job in which they are employed.

    “Or did I fold to the Governor” So if I folded that would mean I went to work, correct? And work I already established to mean the place in which I am employed.

    Both options seem to point to me going to the same place. Maybe now you can understand my confusion.

    I may have used certain adjectives to describe you but in no way were they “childish”. Based on your assertions I took some logical leaps. Maybe they’re wrong, maybe they’re right, but seeing as how you never answered any of MY questions I’ll have to chalk them up in the “right” category. Those questions I asked were asked with sincerity. So if you have any answers please don’t hesitate to rattle them off.

  • Sorry, I worded my question incorrectly, but the intention was obvious. Did you take the holiday off as afforded by your contract, or did you go to work thus giving into the governor’s disregard for your legally binding contract? Rereading your response, I actually don’t see that question answered. Nice song & dance though…
    As for your questions, I don’t know, but they’re irrelevant to my line of questioning and a mere deflection. Any resort to name calling, adjectives or not, are childish.
    What I was getting at is simply wanting to know who you think is worse – the union trying to stand up for you, or the governor illegally nullifying a contract?

  • I commend you on your single-mindedness. I didn’t realize asking questions and trying to get you to think about more than just Columbus Day was a deflection. To my way of thinking the answer to your question is plainly obvious. So I’ll leave it at that.

    Good day sir.

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