Tea Party Patriots Top 10 Questions

Top ten questions that Tea Party Patriots have about the dems healthcare reform bill from The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition Leadership Team.

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, I just left As A Mom and there is one forum on the Obama Deception and a very serious discussion about issues such as The Bilderberg Group, I dropped your site and told them that you have a very thorough series at the top of you page on issues that they were talking about.

    I hope some hop over here to take a look because I know you have what they are looking for. They are looking for answers I just think some are trying to come with gripes over all that is out there.

  • Kathy – thanks, (I think) for dropping the link over there. What people should be more concerned about is the crashing dollar and the role that the Fed has in it – and how that leads to the rest of the global pact. If you see anything on asamom about the Fed – send them over. I think the whole Fed issue is the most important right now – and it’s fading into the background.

  • Ross Wolf -

    Health Bill Proposals Raise Economic Concern for Real Estate

    The Obama Government provided Billions To Prop Up Banks After the Sub-Prime Mortgage Collapse.

    Now The Obama Government Is Undermining The Value Of The Residential Real Estate That Secures Bank Loans by Including Mandates In their Forced Health Insurance Proposals: (Surcharges, Taxpayer Insurance Cost Exclusions, Taxes, and Penalties) That Will Prevent Middle Class Home Buyers Qualifying For Mortgage Loans. Democrats have never addressed the collateral economic damage that will be caused by Real Estate Values Dropping, after many middle class Americans no longer qualify for mortgages, because they must buy health insurance or pay penalties. Unfairly U.S. Taxpayers and Businesses directly and indirectly will be forced to subsidize poor people as determined by the government.

    Ross Wolf

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