Steve Wynn vs. Jennifer Granholm

(H/T Dug)

The stupidity of the people in government no longer amazes me. Jennifer Granholm trying to argue with Steve Wynn is highly entertaining though.

From Who Knew? on 3.06.09:

And it appears the rest of the country is catching up to us when we knew that these corruptocrats were not qualified to run the biggest economy in the world.  I’m still for drafting Steve Wynn for president until the economy turns around.  I am sure that a company that has the foresight to have $1.1 BILLION in cash on hand at a time like this, and is cutting spending and reducing salaries instead of laying people off might actually know how to turn this economy around; Timothy?  Not So Much.

By Logistics Monster


  • letty aka granny gripes -

    You have to ask, how long can I laugh, and or

    HOW can anyone as illiterate as Granholm become the Gov of any state.

  • WebSpinner -

    She got elected because the big cities (Detroit, Lansing, Flint) in Michigan vote democrat, reflexively. Because she says all the correct lefty things. Because she is, at heart, a marxist, too. Anybody who brings up minimum wage in a discussion about jobs is an economic idiot – minimum wage costs jobs, especially in the lower income brackets.

  • Mr Wynn is sooo right! Why not give the employers tax breaks, allowing them to hire more since they already employ people?

    This Administration wants to rebuild the way they want to.
    Green jobs?

    Mr Wynn gets it. If people have a job, they can get healthcare, cars, houses etc. And have hope!

    Throwing money at people is only a short term fix, people need to get back to work. More jobs means a bright future.

    This president has got to go. He has no clue. How long are we suppose to put up with this?

    Even I understand this plan to recovery. Thank you Mr Wynn for showing America the difference between giving a man a fish so he can eat 1 day and teaching and giving a man the resources to fish, so he can eat for the rest of his life!

    Not Rocket science here ! LOL

  • The last two weeks have shown that Fox Sundays actually thinks outside the beltway – these conversations have brought in a rich, thoughtful points of view – have broken through the sounds and simplicities of Sunday morning interview shows.

  • She will keep getting elected regardless of any stupid remarks as long as she has the power to spread your money around without any concern. If each of these welfare, afcd, or food stamp recipients…NO, any recipient of government funds, was required to fill out the same kind of paperwork for their “redistrubuted” income and you do for your taxed income, ie. IRS Form 1099-GOV, with the same kinds of penalties for reporting or failure to report, you’d see some changes and we’d also finally get to see where it is going!

  • Ok, I’ll bite: What, specifically, did she say that was illiterate? Don’t be shy. Specifics, please.

    As for the other comments, employers don’t hire people just because they have more money. They hire people because there’s an increase in demand for their products and services.

    Trickle down economics is a failed policy. It was tried and it didn’t work. Give the upper middle class and wealthy a tax break and there’s a good chance they won’t spend it because they don’t have to. They might, but they might not. They get along just fine with what they have and they’re just as likely to hang onto it (possibly in an investment, which might increase the share price of a company, but again, won’t cause that company to hire without an increase in demand). Give the tax break to the middle and lower income brackets, though, and they’ll spend it because they have to. This increases demand for products and services, which increases hiring, which increases sales and profits, which increases the tax revenues that fund admittedly socialist things like police and fire protection, and schools, and the parks that we seem to like in our neighborhoods. (I would argue that neighborhood parks where kids can play increases peoples’ standard of living, but apparently that makes me a socialist…or a marxist, or a fascist, or all three if the person using them has the typical grasp of the terms).

    The same thing applies to the minimum wage. Yes, it costs an employer more to hire an employee, but it also means that the employee has a) enough money to survive, potentially although not certainly above the poverty line, and b) more money to spend at local businesses, which increases demand, which increases HIRING, etc, etc.

    To borrow the phrase… “Not rocket science”.

    If and when those who make comments like those posted here ever happen to find themselves unemployed in this recession that, while the fault of a great many people on both sides, actully blew up under Bush’s watch, I sure hope you’ll have the guts to stick to your guns and tell the unemployment commission to suck it…you’ll go it alone without all their dirty communist help thank you very much.

  • Paul l. Shore -

    I knew Steve in Maryland after his father died. Saw the show on Fox. He would make a great president. Would vote for him no matter which party, or as an independant.

    With steve I think America would be first.

  • Steve would make a great president. Having a businessman in the White house makes sense and would mean good business decisions. Having a radical left community organizer gets you beer summits and …..ahhh….. oh yes,late night tv interviews. LOL.

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