45% Of Doctors Will Quit; Who Is Misinformed?

News1News has stated on this video that Glenn Beck is delusional and inferring that Glenn is not getting his facts straight.

FOX’s Delusional Glenn Beck: 45% Of Doctors Are Going To Quit If Health Reform Passes – [Note He Says “Doctors” Not “Medical Students”] – 10/12/09

Too bad News1News does not read sources across the political spectrum. (Note the date of this article)

45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul



Posted 09/15/2009 07:09 PM ET

Two of every three practicing physicians oppose the medical overhaul plan under consideration in Washington, and hundreds of thousands would think about shutting down their practices or retiring early if it were adopted, a new IBD/TIPP Poll has found.

The poll contradicts the claims of not only the White House, but also doctors’ own lobby — the powerful American Medical Association — both of which suggest the medical profession is behind the proposed overhaul.

It also calls into question whether an overhaul is even doable; 72% of the doctors polled disagree with the administration’s claim that the government can cover 47 million more people with better-quality care at lower cost.

The IBD/TIPP Poll was conducted by mail the past two weeks, with 1,376 practicing physicians chosen randomly throughout the country taking part. Responses are still coming in, and doctors’ positions on related topics — including the impact of an overhaul on senior care, medical school applications and drug development — will be covered later in this series.

Major findings included:

Two-thirds, or 65%, of doctors say they oppose the proposed government expansion plan. This contradicts the administration’s claims that doctors are part of an “unprecedented coalition” supporting a medical overhaul. (emphasis mine)

It also differs with findings of a poll released Monday by National Public Radio that suggests a “majority of physicians want public and private insurance options,” and clashes with media reports such as Tuesday’s front-page story in the Los Angeles Times with the headline “Doctors Go For Obama’s Reform.”

Nowhere in the Times story does it say doctors as a whole back the overhaul. It says only that the AMA — the “association representing the nation’s physicians” and what “many still regard as the country’s premier lobbying force” — is “lobbying and advertising to win public support for President Obama’s sweeping plan.”

The AMA, in fact, represents approximately 18% of physicians and has been hit with a number of defections by members opposed to the AMA’s support of Democrats’ proposed health care overhaul. (emphasis mine)

Four of nine doctors, or 45%, said they “would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement” if Congress passes the plan the Democratic majority and White House have in mind. (emphasis mine)

More than 800,000 doctors were practicing in 2006, the government says. Projecting the poll’s finding onto that population, 360,000 doctors would consider quitting. (emphasis mine)

Losing 360,000 doctors while adding 47 million patients would result in lower quality care, rationing, and death panels – ya think?

By Logistics Monster


  • So whats the big problem we just socalize the med schools and accept anyone who wants to be a doctor…the standard of care shouldn’t go down too much with Dr. Beavis and Butthead. OR like the UK and others we could import doctors from the second and third world to fill the spots that we loose.

    My friends this small example is exactly why the USSR had an Iron Curtain; the producers will flee.

  • Walt… yep… they will do a John Galt. Then the government will pull the equivalent of Directive 10-289.

    For those who have never read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged or who have not read it for a long time, you may want to read it or revisit it. We are living it for real right now some 50 years after it was written.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Tomorrow, the 13th, the senate finance committee is going to vote on obama “care” according to Patriotic Resistance. They are asking patriots to fax, call and email members to tell them how we feel about it and ask them to not vote in favor of it.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Like Teachers,

    after the Unions took control of the Teachers associations, the D minus students where admitted in droves into the Education programs in college, they all are today’s educators.

    Anyone with a brain and GPA over 4 went into Business, etc.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    We must email, write and call everyday and twice on vital days.

    Do accept that they only “COUNT” they never read anything or take your call unless you write a huge check and or deliver a huge voting block.

    the VOLUNTEERS only read about 1 in 300, and of course send the form letters, emails, and or read the talking points to you if you get through.

    They COUNT,

    So I sent 2 emails on Obama Scare, population control plan and one each on immigration, budget, and energy.

    If you use the format at http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/

    you can blast off a dozen which go to both senators, POTUS O and your congressman, in less than 30 minutes

    it is worth using, those klutzy forms on their web sites are deliberately obnoxious to discourage use.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    ATLAS Shrugged was mandatory reading in English 101,

    NOW that it is back by popular demand, everyone should search the used book stores, buy as many as you can and spread them around to kids, grandkids who are college freshmen, and ask them to pass them along to others at school.

    I’d suspect that your local library still has it on the shelf somewhere under 3 inches of dust.

    NONE of the “FLOWER” children ever read and or read it, sort of accounts why 300 million citizens are brain dead

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    HOW it works in DC

    THEY pay attention to

    1. those who write a huge check
    2. those who can deliver a huge voting block

    that’s it!

    they have TOP Aides, and Aides, Research Aides and VOlunteers, All are trained to “FILTER” and “FILTER”
    The pecking order is so controlled that you need a lot of noise to get their attention.

    The TOP Aides dictate what information gets to the Senators and congressmen,

    Everything that comes in is so filtered that only the ELBOWS of the ultra rich and famous, with the deep pockets and fist full of votes get close to a legislator.

    Face time at an event is nothing more than a red carpet walk about to be rocognized, it certainly is NOT to get information or listen to the people.

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