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To readers Dug and Walt, GMTA:


Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Check this out before NBC gets it yanked for copyright infringement.

SNL – Obama Does Nothing

By Logistics Monster


  • We should all get together and take up a collection for the Teleprompter so it can hire representation, it was robbed of a award that is rightfully its.

    Maybe some sympathetic member of Congress can sneak in an add on to one of many wonderful bills so the Teleprompter can have its legal expenses covered.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Kathy-thanks for the link to the picture. it is really awesome.

  • Well… on the same premise the pResident was given the NPP, maybe he will be given the Nobel award for Economics for destroying the American economy. Karl over at Market Ticker once again has given us an excellent summary of what’s coming:

    Of particular interest is this summary of the depreciation of the Dollar:

    The Dollar’s depreciation is intentional. If economic activity picks up (it hasn’t yet, despite what you’re told) this will instantaneously echo into oil prices. How badly? The last time the dollar was here oil was at $150 and gas was aiming for $5/gallon. We’re going back there – or higher. There are people who claim the federal government’s official desire is to see the dollar index (/DX) at forty or lower, a devaluation of another fifty percent, and a 2/3rds devaluation from just a few years ago.

    And, as I have always pointed out… the devastating effects of this type of inflation caused by printing money:

    People claim that “inflation” of the money supply allows debt to be paid off easier but this is only true if your wages remain constant in inflation-adjusted terms while prices are stable, or wages keep up with prices. The problem is that they haven’t since the turn of the century. Per-capita income has risen only 3.2% (in total, not annually!) since 2000 in inflation-adjusted terms, and this presumes you believe government inflation numbers averaging about 2.5% annually. How does that square with your grocery bill? Your electric bill? The cost of medical insurance and care, college tuition, homeowners insurance or a trip to the dentist?

    The economic destruction has only just begun. Fasten your seat belts… next year looks to be quite a ride.

  • no-nonsense-nancy, you are welcome. There is so much that saddens the soul it just hit me in an inspiring way.

  • Kathy – if I had not already been through everything that has been thrown at us since 10/07 when it comes to this amateur, I would not have believed those comments…but they do reek of desperation and the falling away of massive amounts of his support. As for that piece of cloth carrying his face, Holy Bejesus Batman!!!

  • I want to thank my loyal monster readers for hanging with me while I go through this transition time of losing my job and having to rearrange my whole life. I do not want to shut the Monster down, just find another anchor to replace the five year position I held and keep my head above water in the meantime.

  • Diamond I wish I could tell you when but you will be rewarded for all you hard work and dedication, I believe that with all my heart.

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