Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.08.09: H1N1 Information

By Logistics Monster


  • This is long but I believe it is worth the time for anyone concerned about mandatory vaccinations.

    Like others I have heard about the links to autism add and other childhood conditions that are on the rise.

    However I had not heard of the link of early vaccines to shaken baby syndrome. It is really scary to think that a parent could be jailed for their child’s death and spend years in jail doing their own research and being freed on re-trial.

    It is long but so much information that is in one video.

    Also I had read that Gardasil is required for any female immigrants between 11 and 26 who are trying to become a citizen. No choice you do not get the shot you are denied. Since this would be such a small group of people they have no voice. The story I read was a girl who was adopted by her grandmother at the age of 3 and is now a teenager so she is between a rock and a hard place she was told,”Get the shots or go back to England”.Her request for a waiver on moral and religious grounds was denied.

    This particular vaccine is very unknown it only protects for five years, so why are we giving it to girls as young as 11. This is not yet a mandatory vaccination but it is strongly pushed as are all the others.

  • Not to change the subject, but I just read that Obambi won the Nobel Peace Prize!! Are you F***ing kidding me!!?? WHAT has this worthless, racists asshole done to deserve it? Oh, wait…I know. He started the youth service group?…no,no. He helped acorn get needed money for the poor? Uh, He bailed out GM?…No, wait, I know this one! I got it!!! It was because he apologized for all the past “sins” committed by the United States against the rest of the world!!! Yeah that must be it. Wonder when Michelle-my-bell gets hers?

  • If you look at the former winners that are American you certainly know that this award is a joke, like all awards given it is a popularity contest. Woodrow Wilson, Henry Kissinger,Jimmy Carter, I am sure I have missed some but this is not exactly a list of qualified choices.

    I really believe he is qualified for one award and that would be the Academy Award for best actor. Hands down he does deserve that one.

    These is nothing than an attempt to boost his declining numbers, maybe help get health care past help his bruised ego over Chicago lost the bid for the Olympics.

    If you want to know the true hero’s just look to the ones who did not win.

    Al Gore won over this angel, Irena Sendler. Listen to her story and never believe the most deserving ever win these awards. The Hallmark channel had made a movie about her life and it was a wonderful movie to watch. See is reaping her awards now as she has passed away.

    Nobel Peace Prize one more thing that will have to be undone when he is found to be the Best Actor this world has ever seen.

  • Since the dead line for the submission of names to be considered for the prize is Feb 1st there is no way he was nominated for anything he did as the fraud in chief, he had only been frauding for 2 weeks.

  • NormaJean -

    Has anyone considered the possibility with this “peace award” the liberal lefty Europeans have now served up Obama an excuse not to send more troops into Afghanistan….since you know, he has created such unity around the globe on his apology tour.

    Since he is so strong in experience, he always makes the right decisions.

    When will this nightmare end?

  • Practical Madman -

    I am just as mad at this POS getting the Prize, but this is just a distraction to get us talking about something else.

    Back to the topic….no one should take the flu shot, and no one should be forced to. There is NO EMPIRICAL DATA that vaccines of any kind work. The more research I do into them, the more I think they are a plague on mankind for the benefit of the rich. The doctors are educated in Rockefeller controlled schools, read Rockefeller grant textbooks, and subscribe to the Rockefeller controlled AMA, and get their directions from the Rockefeller controlled CDC and WHO. Who will profit from forced vaccines? The pHARMecutical industry…80% owned by the Rockefellers. Always follow the money.

    Do you know where John D. Rockefeller got his money to get into the oil business in the first place? His father was a snake oil salesman. He sold opium for almost any kind of ailment. He did not have just one horse drawn buggy, he had thousands of them and hired people to go across the country selling it for him. He made millions in times where one dollar could feed a family for a week. John D. took the money and invested it into oil, and made his billions, but he never left the pHARMecutical roots his father had started, and today, “THEY” (the Rockefeller dynasty) owns 80% of the industry, control most medical information and education, and makes trillions. By having this kind of control of the industry, Rockefeller has honed the family’s crude snake oil into what it is today, and now THEY have so much money, THEY control the governments and UN and get them to MANDATE everyone take their modernized snake oil.

    This is one example of Glenn’s sellouts that make me not trust him. If he was a true journalist, he would talk to Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny, Dr. Len Horowitz, and dozens of other experts in their fields and get the truth of the poison that is in this stuff, and the truth of how vaccines have actually spread disease around the world, and the truth about Squalene, Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde, and the other crap that THEY want to force inject into our bodies and the true harm this stuff does. Instead he reads off HIS teleprompter and gives the “approved for distribution” version. Go to and listen to the people that Alex Jones has on and what they are saying about these evil poisons that are injected into people, and the legislation being passed everywhere to make it mandatory.

    For a good summary of vaccine history, read this:

    and watch this: Vaccine Nation (the full film is at the bottom of the page)

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