Your Daily Glenn Beck, 10.07.09: The Hidden War On The Dollar

The death spiral of the dollar has begun? This government has absolutely no clue what they are awakening…

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    Anyone know where I can get some duct tape? I’, out and it seems there has been a run on it locally, none in the stores! People are getting awakened more by the day, AND IT HURTS! Duct tape seems to help.

  • PM… I’ve had to install titanium bolts in my neck to keep my head attached.

    The really scary thing is… we may be mathematically beyond the point of no return. Even if we stopped most of the spending today… just the interest on the debt already accumulated would take generations to pay off. But, as several of us have been saying here for months, the collapse of our currency is being done on purpose.

    And then when I see reports like this that the GOP Senators may be caving on the healthcare issue:

    if true, they can kiss the *sses goodbye in 2010 and this may well ignite a 2012 third party movement. The idiocy in Washington knows no bounds.

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