CNN’s Bias; Schoolchildren Rapping About HealthCare Reform

It has been well over a year since I have turned on CNN; so long that I can’t even remember their slogan.  In my humble opinion, CNN is just a bit biased towards the Obama administration and against anyone that disagrees.  We have children singing about Obama and healthcare reform, and I am not even going to touch the indoctrination angle on this one…

Their coverage of the 2.1 Million 9.12 March on Washington, DC?

CNN Reporter Finds Sizable ‘Dark Undercurrent’ Among Tea Party Protesters

And what really happened; Capitol Police estimate 2.1 Million people without one single arrest.

Where are the angry mobs? The faces covered, black clad anarchists throwing trash cans through windows?  The SWAT Teams pushing the crowd back?  The guns, tear gas, and dogs?  Oh I forgot, this was real Americans that believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not astroturfers brought in.  How many thousand astroturfers at the G20, 3000? vs. 2.1 Million Patriots?

So this would fall under the category of “Report something because we can’t talk about what is really happening in America”.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    DT- The first amendment does not say “right to freedom of speech- in designated areas and with the government’s issued permits”. I guess you did not watch the YouTube videos about the truth of what happened in Pits. I am disappointed that you are taking the msm’s word on this one. You did not see Jason Bermas’ report or Luke Radkowski’s report, they were both there, video cameras rolling, and both arrested. Both are patriots of the highest order, both are seasoned journalists and have made documentaries that are an inspiration to the rest of us, and neither would have done anything violent.

    The black clad, bandanna covered face guys WERE AGENT PROVOCATEURS. There are videos out there of the people telling them that “you don’t belong here- you are not one of us”. These “agents” did their dirty work, then disappeared into the police lines- not arrested, just into the ranks. It was a majority of college students there, and most were just watching out of curiosity. There is one video of a bunch of college students on a balcony, doing NOTHING, and they were blocked from exiting the stairs by a bunch of riot clad cops, and tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets. They were not throwing anything, they were no threat, the cops just were crazy that day.

    I thank God nothing like this happened in DC to you guys, but I wish you would stop feeling so smug and saying that yall are better than the guys in Phil. The people in Phil were JUST LIKE YOU, and the trouble was started because “THEY” (TPTB) wanted it to! If there were 2 million in Phil, there would have been no action like we saw, because the cops would have been out numbered, not the protesters. There were only 300 protesters in the area where the “riots” happened- against 1,200 cops in riot gear- ready for trouble. Why do you think that these people would try ANYTHING as out numbered as they were?

    You did not see 1,200 riot gear clad police with sound weapons in DC, did you? You were not herded into an area and surrounded, were you? The police did not use sound weapons and teargas on you did they? The police in Phil declared “this is an illegal gathering” and told the crowd to disperse, then proceeded to block off all exits. There is NO SUCH THING as an “illegal” gathering of patriots. The first amendment does not say “right to freedom of speech- in designated areas and with the government’s issued permits”.

    I am sorry to say….you missed the bus on this one.

  • I remember seeing the CNN coverage right after I got back to my hotel room in DC and how dumbstruck I was when the anchor, Don Lemon I think his name is, eluded to racism in the March. I couldn’t help but laugh. What was also funny about the whole thing is that the hotel I stayed in had CNN, MSNBC and HLN but no Fox News…thought that was a bit odd.

  • PM – I can’t say a whole lot about the G20, but I find it hard to believe that all these black clad anarchist were agents working for TPTB. I’ve seen kids like that around and I have a friend who’s hung around them. They are misguided youths who’ve latched onto the wrong ideal…most likely cuz it looks cool.

    Also don’t get mad a DT if she doesn’t know what you know. What does that solve? If you have other info link it and share it. And to be quite honest I don’t see her being smug. I see her stating a fact that there were 2.1million people there and not once single instance of violence. She was a part of something wonderful and she should be proud that she got to experience it.

    I understand that you aren’t trying to be a d*ck or anything but if you have info share it. I had never heard of those guys you mentioned them so I scroogled them and what I read and watched really opened my eyes. So thank you for that.

  • Madman, I understand your anger but I think you are mixing apples and oranges here. A post about the the Constitutional right to free speech and freedom to assemble is completely different than biased news coverage. Yes, I know that the protestors that were arrested were gathering “without a permit” which caused the police action, but this was not a post about which assemblies were illegal and which were permitted or whether the requirement for a permit to assemble is Constitutional – this was a post about CNN being biased for the administration and their coverage of different events. Did they cover the permitted assembly at the G20?

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