When was the last time you saw our country this FUBAR on every possible issue or policy by complete imbeciles?  When was the last time you felt as if our government was, in total, being run by lobotomized walking meat sacks with their fingers on the pulse of a corpse?  When?  Yes, I know Bush II was a blithering idiot most of the time, but at least I could sleep at night and I knew that Nancy and Harry weren’t sneaking into my kid’s room to steal his piggy bank while pouring gasoline on my house and cheering at the bright colors.

Today (10.06.09) has been one hell of day from the UN trying to drop the dollar as the world’s reserve currency to the dance team of Harry and Nancy trying to keep their healthcare bills off the internet because they just realized that Americans that vote can read.  Some days, (and today was one), I just cannot write because of the overwhelming amount of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest swirling all around us.   Until now.  The capper was Harry Reid’s possible stealth legislation for a public option, but a little background first.

Yesterday morning, Rasmussen Reports reported that 50% of their national telephone survey opposed Obamacare, while 46% were in favor.

Today, Rasmussen has this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Health Reform and the Polls

The most important fundamental is that 68% of American voters have health-insurance coverage they rate good or excellent. That number comes from polling conducted this past weekend of 1,000 likely voters. Most of these voters approach the health-care reform debate fearing that they have more to lose than to gain.

Adding to President Barack Obama’s challenge as he sells health-care reform to the public is the fact that most voters are skeptical about the government’s ability to do anything well. While the president says his plan will reduce costs, 53% believe it will have the opposite effect.

There’s also the reality that 74% of voters rate the quality of care they now receive as good or excellent. And 50% fear that if Congress passes health-care reform, it will lead to a decline in the quality of that care. (emphasis mine)

Advocates of health-care reform on Capitol Hill are up against something bigger than voters’ reactions to a variety of specific proposals. Our polling in February found that by a 2-1 margin, voters believe that no matter how bad things are Congress can always make matters worse. That’s one reason 78% believe passage of the current congressional health-care proposals is likely to mean higher taxes for the middle class.

Beyond the intensity of the opposition and its momentum, there is also a huge partisan gap that puts congressional Democrats in a very difficult position. Currently, 76% of Democratic voters favor the health-care reform plan proposed by Mr. Obama and the congressional Democrats, and they are counting on their representatives to deliver.

But delivering for the Democratic base has the potential to hurt the party’s standing among independents. Among the unaffiliated, 35% are in favor of the Democrats’ health-care reform initiative, and 60% are opposed. Notably, just 16% of unaffiliated voters strongly favor the legislative effort; 47% strongly oppose it.

So what do Harry and Nancy have up their sleeves; two completely un-American actions, with a third possible action that will decimate the middle and poor classes.  What happened to Bambi’s transparency, representing your constituents, and no new taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 $200,000, $150,000?

Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online

A similar effort is under way in Congress. Reps. Brian Baird, D-Wash., and Greg Walden, R-Ore., are circulating a petition among House lawmakers that would force a vote on the 72-hour rule.

Nearly every Republican has signed on, but the Democratic leadership is unwilling to cede control over when bills are brought to the floor for votes and are discouraging their rank and file from signing the petition. Senate Democrats voted down a similar measure last week for the health care bill.

Just so you won’t think I am picking on the dems, since I really dislike both parties, and I really, really, dislike the completely un-Constitutional Patriot Act passed in the dark of the night without anybody reading it….

The reluctance to implement a three-day rule is not unique to the Democrats.

The Republican majority rushed through the controversial Patriot Act in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as well as a massive Medicare prescription drug bill in 2003 that added hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit.

I guess Harry and Nancy are pulling a Bambi and Mishy maneuver of “I want what I want, when I want it, because I want it, and everybody else can just **** off”.  But it gets better, and please keep in mind that a greater percentage of Americans DO NOT WANT A PUBLIC OPTION, do not like liars, and are really getting tired of the “dark of the night” votes.

New plan might allow Dems to slip public option through Senate

Senate Democrats desperate to find a way to pass a health care bill that includes a federal insurance plan may have come up with a way to do it without putting moderate members who oppose it in political jeopardy.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is weighing a plan to bring the final health care bill to the floor without a public option — making it much easier to get the 60 votes needed to prevent a Republican filibuster — and then adding the provision later as an amendment.

The public option amendment would be there waiting, but the 60-vote test would technically be on a bill without the government plan. Then moderate Democrats could drop out for the vote on the public option, which requires just 51 votes for passage.

“It’s brilliant,” said a top Senate Republican aide. “It gets you your votes on cloture for a package that does not include a public option.”

Reid has not revealed whether he will use this tactic, but he’s considering it.

“We haven’t made any decisions yet,” his spokesman, Jim Manley, said. “We have different options — that is one.”

Senate aides suggest that after passage in the upper chamber, the Senate bill — public option included — could then be sent to the House, allowing the lower chamber to simply pass Reid’s legislation instead of taking up its own bill. That route would avoid a protracted and contentious battle to meld two different bills and might allow President Obama and Democrats to achieve their goal of passing health care reform by year’s end.

Open-government proponents slammed the tactic, saying it would be a bait-and-switch gambit for the Senate to put forward a bill without a public insurance option, only to slip it in later.

And then add Nancy’s further insanity to this mix; the VAT.

Pelosi says new tax is ‘on the table’

A new value-added tax (VAT) is “on the table” to help the U.S. address its fiscal liabilities, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Monday night.

The VAT is a tax on manufacturers at each stage of production on the amount of value an additional producer adds to a product.

Pelosi argued that the VAT would level the playing field between U.S. and foreign manufacturers, the latter of which do not have pension and healthcare costs included in the price of their goods because their governments provide those services, financed by similar taxes.

“They get a tax off of that and they use that money to pay the healthcare for their own workers,” Pelosi said, using the example of auto manufacturers. “So their cars coming into our country don’t have a healthcare component cost.

“Somewhere along the way, a value-added tax plays into this. Of course, we want to take down the healthcare cost, that’s one part of it,” the Speaker added. “But in the scheme of things, I think it’s fair look at a value- added tax as well.”

Pelosi said that any new taxes would come after the Congress finishes the healthcare debate consuming most lawmakers’ time, and that it may come as part of a larger overhaul to the tax code.

The Speaker also emphasized that any reworking of the tax code would not result in an increase in taxes on middle-class Americans.

Lobotomized walking meat sack with her hand on the pulse of a corpse.  Read it again:

The VAT is a tax on manufacturers at each stage of production on the amount of value an additional producer adds to a product.

Is Nancy so arrogant as to believe that we do not know that every single one of us will be paying that added tax on top of our now, “work until August to pay your taxes”, tax liability?  Damn, but I hate liars.  Now excuse me while I go throw up again.

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