Who Wouldn’t Vote For A pResident That Made You Legal?

Monster readers know that the pResident and his administration have ALWAYS been about distraction and deflection, so the rapidly approaching illegal alien amnesty flying under the radar of healthcare reform, Afghanistan, cap and tax, and flying to Copenhagen for the Olympics is no surprise.

This administration appears to be pulling out all the stops when it comes to making sure that the pResident achieves re-election; see ACORN, the Census, Illegal Immigration, etc.  How many of those 12 million newly legal aliens would NOT vote for the guy that gave them one of the greatest gifts one can achieve in the world; American Citizenship.

USCIS Prepares To Legalize Millions Of Illegal Immigrants

Under the direction of a Clinton official who orchestrated the pardon of a major-league drug trafficker, the federal agency that oversees lawful immigration is preparing to legalize millions of illegal immigrants.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is getting ready for the huge influx of applications that will bombard the agency when President Obama’s plan to legalize the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens becomes law, according to a major newspaper report.

The agency’s director, Alejandro Mayorkas, says his goal is to be ready to expand rapidly in order to handle the massive increase in visa applications under Obama’s comprehensive immigration reform plan. As the Homeland Security agency responsible for overseeing lawful immigration and granting visas, USCIS is equipped to handle applications from about 6 million immigrants a year.

If Obama’s amnesty measure comes to fruition USCIS could receive that many applications in just a few weeks, according to Mayorkas, who recently distributed $1.2 million in grants to help migrants adjust in America. In order to efficiently handle the increase, Mayorkas is implementing several measures to process applications faster. Among them is a method of receiving visa forms in the mail and another that allows illegal aliens to start the legalization process through a simple mail-in registration form.

One high-ranking Republican lawmaker points out that the agency is risking national security by neglecting its current workload, which includes thorough background checks of visa applicants, to focus on preparing for legislation that hasn’t even been introduced. While this is a valid point, consider who’s running USCIS.

A Clinton U.S. Attorney in California, Mayorkas resigned in shame after arranging the pardon of an Argentine drug dealer serving a 15-year prison sentence for operating a monstrous cocaine ring. The convicted felon, Carlos Vignali, is the son of a wealthy political donor (Horacio Vignali) who convinced influential community leaders—mostly recipients of his generous contributions—to advocate for his son’s pardon.

Mayorkas’ intervention was the most crucial and by far carried the most weight, Clinton officials later revealed. Vignali was one of 140 pardons and 36 commutations that Clinton granted during his last hours as president. Outraged federal prosecutors in Minneapolis, where Vignali was convicted for trying to sell 800 pounds of cocaine, said Mayorkas called them several times inquiring about the case. The Minneapolis federal prosecutors subsequently wrote the Justice Department strongly opposing the commutation but were ignored.

A congressional investigation into Clinton’s last-minute pardons blasts Mayorkas for intervening on behalf of Vignali, pointing out that senior law enforcement and political officials should have been precluded from supporting a commutation for such a criminal.

When Obama named Mayorkas to head the USCIS earlier this year, he conveniently omitted the scandals of his past and instead boasted about his credentials as a prosecutor of public corruption, organized crime and civil rights violations. No mention of getting a serious felon pardoned while serving as U.S. Attorney.

By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    The DC grapevine is whispering that Obama Deathcare, Cap and Trade, and amnesty for 12 million Mexican criminals is a done deal. The Tea Parties, the 9/12 March, the polls registering America’s overwhelming dislike for all of Obama’s Communist policies are going to be ignored and his Radical Communist agenda is going to be shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. I’m ashamed to be an American right now as I watch Putin’s prediction that we the people will go whimpering into the slavery of Communism without a shot being fired. Welcome to third world America, Obama has snuffed the last great shining beacon of freedom in the world and in our haste to avoid confrontation we have gained a master.

  • Practical Madman -

    Sparky- Obamass has not snuffed out the last shining beacon of freedom, he is close, but we are still breathing. He can shove all of these bills down our throats, but haw can we pay if there is no money? He can declare martial law, but he will soon find out how many troops and cops are red blooded and will join our side and not take orders to shoot fellow Americans. He can bring in UN and foreign troops and declare martial law, but Americans own enough guns to outfit ALL of the armies in the world. There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass. I would venture to say there are over 100 million that own guns and we can outfit another 100 million because we own more than one.

    I do not want to see it come to this, but it seems “THEY” do. THEY want us to make the first move and take the first shot, but we are peace loving people and we will not. We are being backed into a bankrupt corner with no way out and our lifestyle and our children’s futures are being taken from us by stealth. How far can we be pushed? I don’t know, but there is a line in the sand SOMEWHERE. If THEY keep passing bills that 80%+ of us are screaming “NOOOO!!!” to, we will reach that line. If THEY keep giving money away to illegals, and treating us like the enemy, we will reach that line. If THEY keep building debt that our children and grand children will never be able to pay, we will reach that line.

    Putin’s prediction of us whimpering into communism, I don’t think is true. Like I said, we are a peace loving people, and we do not want to see extreme violence on our soil, but we will eventually be pushed over that line. Then Putin will see what a truly free people will do to keep that freedom, once pushed far enough, and so will “THEY”!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Communist tenant 47 states: allow illegal immigration via open borders of non-white America hating people, and then force their intergration into western society to weaken and destroy it.

    I bet Obama loves it when a plan comes together. Practical Madman, I can see only one way out of this mess, liberty or death.

    Keep your powder dry!

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