Karl Rove Hands Juan Williams His A**

I do not know about you, but watching Juan Williams kiss the backside of His Holiness for almost 2 years, and walk hand in hand with various organizations that have the blessing of this administration has caused me to turn off the TV on more than one occasion.  I think Karl is sick of Juan too, and proceeds to hand Juan his a** in this interview about Fannie, Freddie, and the Dems’ role in the mortgage meltdown.

(H/T Gateway Pundit)

By Logistics Monster


  • clemintine -

    i love how the bo supporters always resort to “attacking” the messenger when they run out of arguments. karl rove was not “pointing” fingers in the same way they “point” fingers and blame bush for everything. he was citing facts, not fantasy!

    of note when they “came back” the topic was changed to one less “distressing” to juan…..lol

  • Whenever I see Juan Williams on, I employ this high tech button on my TV remote called “Mute”.

  • Sandra Perry -

    I am right there with you. I absolutely detest Juan Williams, and he obviously is still drinking the kool-aid. When somebody hits him with logic, he yells louder. He is a real piece of work, just like the other obots. With everything falling apart for the administration the way it is, I guess we better all get some ear plugs.The yelling has only just begun!

  • Suzanne Brodbeck -

    Enjoyed watching Karl Rove take on Juan Williams. It is very frustrating watching Democrats spout their talking points night after night. Nice to see them challenged when they are wrong, which they usually are. It seems to be acceptable for Democrats to ignore truth as long as they can push their agenda.

  • Bear Sterns imploded March 2008, a year before Obama took office. Who is the culprit? Greed. Ladies and Gentlemen, take ye heads outa ye arses!!!

  • James – I don’t usually reply to koolaid drinkers, but you obviously did not watch the whole video and you did not click on the second link in the article.

  • If I may be so bold to add a bit of trivia to your smackdown Diamond, I’d like to point out to James that most of us that hang out at the Monster also believe that Bush was the other side of the same coin. This goes much deeper than Barack Obama and George W. Bush or democrats and republicans; this is a power struggle that’s been going on for many, many decades to own this Republic and everyone in it!

  • Again and as ususal Karl Rove shows his adversary it is not smart to bring a skull of mush to a brain fight.

    This is classic; Rove is the man…I wish he would run for President.

  • Williams responds to Rove’s facts the same way all liberals respond to facts- with emotion. “I don’t see anyone taking care of the poor people who are losing their homes.” There are several videos showing the complicity of democrats in the housing debacle, and the Bush administrations efforts to avoid it. Social planners never consider the costs of their plans to society. They believe their intentions to be morally superior, so ignore and then try to escape the consequences.

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