Janeane Garofalo Shows Her IQ Again

Ready to be amused by one incredibly dim bulb?

By Logistics Monster


  • NoTingles -

    Hey, DT:
    I keep forgetting that Obama is “Black”; well he’s not really, but who’s getting into geneology? Alright, so he’s a president of “color”, whatever. I keep focusing on the anti-America part, the Statist part. The everything-but- saying-it communist part, and this part…the part where he’s a stooge and a puppet for N.W.O. With all that going on, WHo THE **** CARES what color his skin is? Is it any wonder we really don’t have TIME to get all racist about it? He, and his band of merry men over at the capitol have kept us so busy worrying about what they’re going to do to wreck the country next that…well race is a way back burner issue right about now. Janeane…get a grip: You don’t know WTF you’re talking about.

  • Practical Madman -

    Bill Maher is just as ignorant and has the same opinions as this crash test dummy, that is why he keeps having her on his show. They are of the same mind, just one mind that they share on odd or even days, unfortunately they also share this single mind with about a million others and each one gets to use it for only seconds at a time. Why does she get airtime? Why does Bill Maher have a show at all? They should both go crawl under a rock because they clearly do not have the ability to think enough to get out of the rain. We should boycott Bill Maher’s sponsors and demand that his ignorant self and guests be removed from the airwaves. I hope her career is over and she never gets another part.

    America has a right to free speech, but to spew this hatred, ignorance, and venom should not be allowed under this right. Oops, never mind, she has the right to show her ignorance, and I have a right to change the channel, or I just exercise my right to never turn the TV on. There is just too much of this ignorance on it now, so I choose to keep myself entertained and educated by using the internet and visiting sites like this one. Good job DT- keep reminding us of the stupidity of some on the other side. If you don’t, since I do not watch TV, I just may forget there are people like this in the world.

  • Maybe Garofalo, Maher and all the crazies on the far left are not so much believing that this movement is about racism, as they are afraid of the outgrowths of the
    Tea Party movement.

    H/T American Thinker:

    Unexpected outgrowths of the Tea Party Movement
    by Lloyd Marcus


  • Thanks DT. Garofolo is a racist, ignorant woman. This was very well done to show that. Going to write to that clown Maher now.

  • First off PM – Janeanne Garofalo’s career has been over for years; that’s why she became an “activist”. That way has-beens like Maher can actually book guests for their shows since anyone with half a brain wouldn’t be caught dead on his well-hidden wonder. (Ask yourself how lame you have to be in order to have HBO schedule you for a late night slot on Sunday? Maher is the Public Service Announcement of cable TV.)

    Second – why is it that no one ever asks Janeanne why the “Teabaggers” (as she likes to call us in that infantile way of hers) are also after Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, David Axelrod, Chris Dood, Chuck Schumer, et al? Last time I checked the caucasian race couldn’t disown them (much as we’d like to).

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