Why So Shocked CNN? “Chicago Is Out?!”

The CNN anchor is really having a problem with this decision. Have they not realized that the Olympics do not go to cities that don’t want the games and it has been rather obvious that 45% of Chicagoans did not want the games.

By Logistics Monster


  • I can not wait to hear who is responsible for this, watch out Glenn Beck. Just waiting for the cries of racism, it has to be so how else can this be explained?

    I really got a laugh out the headline on Drudge: The ego has landed. Today is a good day.

  • But, but, but … teh Won went to Copenhagen and everything! How can this be? He waved his mighty hand and the waters did not part? The loaves did not turn to fishes? The delegates weren’t swayed by his awesome, hip, coolness? Da Precious failed? It can’t be! Meeechelle even awed them with her fashion sense and style, and still the racist bastards didn’t pick Chicago? Say it ain’t so! Oh, yes they DID!

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