Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Robert Gibbs

Oh yes, THIS is the equivalent of a speeding ticket!

I have to wonder how Robert could even think this statement was going to fly?

By Logistics Monster


  • Debbie Mudder -

    Let’s plan some marches, some boycotts! I personally would like to see an across the board boycott of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC. Total and sacrificail giving up of our TVshows on the major networks. I am a mom, and a grandma and will do what it takes!

  • “Goober” Gibbs needs to go back to the Andy Griffith Show.

    If it says the word “tax” in the bill, how can they deny it? Do they really think we are that stupid?

  • Sweet Pea in Polk -

    Thank you LADIES!
    This website and networking put me over the top!
    I forwarded it to daughters, stepdaughters, nieces,sisters,sister in laws, stepmothers in honor of my “dearly beloved mother who went Home too soon” A native Oklahoma gal, my Mom,Louella would have loved this….and of course passed it along to all of us. Thank you all. Game ON!

  • Robert Gibbs is so smug and dismissive of both the press (even the Obama controlled media) and the American people that I can barely look at him. His contempt for anyone “beneath” him, standing at his podium is evident and in comparison to the late, great Tony Snow…well, there is no comparison. This buffoon is a disgrace to the South and his chicanery is evident to all. I truly feel a revolution building in this country people and we need to expose all of these pretenders for who they are – no matter which side they are on. It’s like the French Revolution revisited – disgraceful. I don’t know how people live with themselves, I really don’t.

  • I agree with Debbie’s comment on Oct. 2 about Boycott – but forget boycotting the station – we need to boycott the ADVERTISERS and let them know that we will only support the companies that support programming that is FAIR. So we can start keeping track of which companies advertise on which stations, keep lists and post those. It may mean buying generic in some cases – which is less expensive anyway. We may also need to use a letter writing campaign to the heads of programming, presidents of the networks and heads of news and newspapers saying we are tired of one-sided yellow journalism. Also, investigate the use of ACLU for appropriate use in lawsuit discrimination cases against the MAJORITY. They are intended to serve the public – meaning everyone in the United States. Also, we need to boycott individual Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Musicians who speak out against the United States in a Strong Way and their Agencies. I am tired of supporting huge financial salaries for these people (many whom expose these grandiose political ideals and do not have a degree in politics, many do not even have a high school diploma). I am not dispariging someone for not having a college degree, but they abuse their positions and I’m tired of them.
    Ran off at the fingertips, once again.

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