Real Americans; Cameron Aulner Tackles Child Molester

I know stories like this happen everyday, but all we hear about is Bambi, Mishy, and Oprah having “Let Them Eat Cake” moments.

Colorado Man in Wheelchair Tackles Suspected Child Molester in Walmart

Cameron Aulner doesn’t think of himself as a hero. The wheelchair-bound Colorado resident says he just did what anyone else would do when he stopped a child molester from fleeing the scene at the Walmart where he works.

Witnesses say a man sexually assaulted a young girl inside a Walmart in Westminster on Sept. 19, and then tried to flee the store, KDVR FOX 31 TV reported.

Aulner, 22, was working at the Comcast table in the front when he heard a bystander yelling to stop the man from leaving the store. He tackled the suspect, 34-year-old Kevin Salyers, before he could escape and held him until cops arrived, he said Tuesday in an interview with KDVR.

“It was something that happened so fast, I didn’t even think about it,” Aulner told the station. “I’m not a hero, I just did what you’re supposed to do.”

By Logistics Monster


  • Child molesting at a Walmart seem to be happening more and more. Good thing that there are people in this world like this brave young soul. I witnessed a creepy man at a nearby Walmart during the holidays lurking around the toy dept. stalking the little children left unattended. Parents need to realize that pedophiles are just waiting for the chance to attack. When I saw what I saw, I stood near the guy staring at the little kids and made him feel extremely uncomfortable until he eventually left. I made sure I followed him outside the store. He took off on foot. Come on parents, it’s not a stranger’s job to do the babysitting or a stranger will do his business and run.

  • The people in the Walmart that witnessed the guy groping this child did nothing as the pervert grabbed the child and ran through to the front of the store! Thank God that this “stand up guy” was there to do what others refused to do! A true American hero!

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