We Told You; Don’t Reward Failure

The majority of Americans play by the rules and believe in playing by the rules.  I personally stated that I would never buy another American made car again after GM broke their word on a warranty and an extended warranty for a POS truck they produced, and which I spent more money repairing than the actual vehicle cost because my conscience would not allow me to trade it or sell it to some sucker.  I know there are many more stories just like mine, and just like me, those Americans are not rewarding failure – we could not afford it 5 years ago, and we definitely cannot afford it now.

Do capitalists on steroids exist?  Why yes, Wall Street just gave us a rousing rendition of ‘greed’.  Does it make it okay for the rest of us to act like them or their 180 degree counterparts, the leeches on the government dole? Nope!

The majority of Americans are your garden variety, free enterprise loving, do the right thing, capitalist.  So when Bush and Bush II Obama decided to negate free enterprise rules and bail out the banks and car companies, we were melting the phone lines in DC telling them, (in this order), NO!, DON’T YOU DARE!,  and STOP!.  They heard us, wrote their little patronizing letters to us,  and then continued on their merry little way rewarding failure.  We knew that we would never see that money again, so it is little wonder that we are once again not rewarding failure, (like we didn’t for the last two decades which would explain why the Big 3 were going under), when it comes to GM and Chrysler.  Ford did the right thing when they refused bailout money, and they are being rewarded for pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.  Now Ford has a chance to listen, really hear, and become an industry leader instead of chasing the foreign imports.  GM and Chrysler?  Not so much…

U.S. September auto sales plunge; GM, Chrysler hit hard

DETROIT (Reuters) – U.S. auto sales tumbled by more than 20 percent in September as showrooms emptied after a government-funded summer sales boom and Ford Motor Co gained ground on its major rivals, sales figures released on Thursday showed.

Sales for General Motors Co and Chrysler — the two U.S. automakers struggling to regain momentum after emerging from bankruptcy — tumbled by the deepest margin in September.

GM sales dropped 45 percent while sales at Chrysler were off 42 percent.

Ford, meanwhile, managed to hold its sales decline to 5 percent despite low inventories and sharply reduced spending on incentives. It estimated that it gained 3 percentage points of market share to 15 percent of the U.S. market in September.

Hyundai Motor Co, which has taken market share through the U.S. recession on a growing reputation for low-cost and high-quality vehicles, saw its sales jump 27 percent in September.

Why would Americans continue to pay good money for sh*tty cars, even if we do own the car companies now?  We wouldn’t; we already kissed that money goodbye, and we will finish the process the government interferred with because brand loyalty is, now more than ever, a luxury.

By Logistics Monster


  • My F-150 came with a beautiful sign for the grill, complete with a middle finger and the words “Fuck GM and Chrysler.”

    Ok…so maybe I made the sign myself and hung it on my 1998 F-150, but it still means Ford is the only American car company I’ll ever buy from again.

  • You and millions more Doc believe that way. Our government NEVER should have stepped in because the unemployment for the workers would have been less that what we have spent for these two dinosaurs to limp off into history. They did not make it because they earned it, and they won’t make it now because they did not learn. Anybody really think that GM or Chrysler are going to become an industry innovator and leader? I got a bridge around here somewhere.

  • Practical Madman -

    American car companies have earned the reputation they have. Since the 70’s they have turned out garbage and screwed the public and they deserve to fail. We needed to let the banks and car companies fail, and we did the wrong thing by going into debt for generations to “save” the ones that screwed up.

    Sanity will someday return to America, I hope, but right now things are not looking too good. I feel we are heading for a world of hurt before things get better. I just hope we can survive the pain that is coming. Buy beans, bullets, and batteries because things are going to get bad, soon.

  • I used to buy fords all the time until I got screwd by ford and swore I would never buy another american made car I have been buying hyundai since they make a better car.
    And I agree it is going to get worse someone said the things you are going to need are weapons,ammo,food,water,gold and silver

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