Common Sense And Batting Practice

(H/T Dissent – thanks – I really needed this!)


Please let me introduce a comic that really, really, really hates foreign imports, stupid politicians, corruption, wall street, the bailouts….just about everything you and I have been screaming about since 2007.

Why am I telling you this? We all know that if we do not find something to belly laugh about during the absolutely insanity that the geniuses progressive dems, progressive repubs, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve have plunged us into, we will all end up going mad and/or wasting away.

WAL$STREETPRO2 has incredible rants that include a baseball bat and a foreign made monitor, and if you aren’t laughing so hard that you are crying and suffocating, you may have a serious humor issue.

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE – Do not play at work or with children in the room.

(Tell me you haven’t felt like a little bit of batting practice in your garage to get some of the angst out of your soul after what this pResident has done and what the last president did?)

By Logistics Monster


  • I hope you have pointed your readers to the latest scandal out of Hawai’i. One single blogger has caused mayhem in the Hawai’i Dept of Health> Dr. Fukino and Attorney General Bennett may find themselves drowning in a tsunami of their own making. Please ask your reader to read the many posts resulting from TerriK’s initial questions last year at

    I have no loose change to spare Monster; hope you don’t mind that I read you as often as I am online. TY for being part of the solution to the Oproblems.

  • Practical Madman -

    I have seen this madman before and I can really relate. I have basically the same reaction when I hear of “green shoots”, “layoffs UNEXPECTEDLY rose”, “income ROSE slightly”, and all of the other mind numbing BS “THEY” feed us on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish I had a place like his that I can trash and relieve my anger. THEY are TRYING to get us to take the first move and start a revolution. Get ready folks, this guy is right, we are in the eye of the hurricane and the second half is going to be a mind blowing experience. We are in deep doo-doo.

  • I was waiting for the wife to stop in and ask if he’d finished packing up the china and computer for the church tag sale!! LOL

  • Gerald Celente has a vid from a Russian (probably ex-KGB!) saying they expect that the US will fracture by 2012. With all that’s going on I too feel that we will no longer survive as we were just 10/12 years ago.

    Need to have a rubber stamp made that we all can use on a $1.00 bill.

    “Can you Here Us Now”

    “Read the Bill”

    “Can we see the Birth Certificate”

    “Restoration or Revolution”

    Think about millions of dollar bills changing hands daily reminding Americans of the coming 2012 revolution.

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