Month: September 2009

Get Ready For The Health Choices Commissioner

This administration's version of the healthcare reform absolutely, positively, must be decimated because even more power will flow to the Executive Branch of our government and they are already so far over the line that I personally cannot believe people have not been dragged out in handcuffs already.  The middle and right of this country have some d*** fine manners and political correctness. I also cannot keep up with the crap coming out of this administration so commentary will be at a minimum.  I will say this though; this administration is currently retreating so fast to find a hold point,…
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The IRS Is The Underlying Foundation Of Obamacare

We work until mid August to pay "our debt" to the federal government.  It sure looks like slavery or indentured servitude to me, but if the fascists in control get their version of a bill rammed down our throats, your fear of the IRS will grow exponentially.  Does anybody else think that working 3/4 of the year for the Federal Government, the Debt, the Federal Reserve, and the Deficit is somehow not what our Founding Fathers envisioned? Health care reform means more power for the IRS By Byron York - Washington Examiner There's been a lot of discussion about the…
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