Today’s AYFKM? Award: Alan Grayson Apologizes To The Dead

Alan Grayson is receiving his 3rd ‘Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me Award’ in as many months for sheer stupidity and rudeness to all Americans.  Has this non-rep. not read H.R. 3438: Access To Insurance for all Americans Act? Oh that’s right!  Republican Darrell Issa introduced that bill.  Once again, too stupid or too dangerous to serve?

For those of you that have missed the start of this controversy, go here for Grayson’s second award.

By Logistics Monster


  • I’ve had an epiphany! I can solve all our healthcare needs and it won’t cost this country a dime…it may even save some money. Ready?

    Lets take responsibility for ourselves. Lets stop eating garbage and eat more vegetables and fruit, lets drink more water and less sodas, lets get out and walk around the block instead of sitting in front of the computer or tv.

    Those are just a few ideas. I know they’re radical but seriously this healthcare bill is just telling people “hey it’s ok treat your body like crap for as long as you want because when things start falling apart it’s everyone else’s responsibility to take care of you”

    By no means am I suggesting that all the junk food of the world should be shot into the sun or anything, but if you go through vast amounts of cigarettes, junk food, alcohol, and/or drugs in your life and are now suffering because of it why should anyone but you be held accountable for those decisions?

    Just a thought and not a complete one but I’m at work and should be working.

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    WELL WELL WELL, INDEED Congressman Grayson, the PRO abortion, pro population control advocate, OH GIGGLE,
    HE SUPPORTS telling seniors to go kill themselves!

    HE wants to eliminate seniors, to save SS, medicare, Medicaid expenses and to tax inheritance and estates.

    OH GIGGLE how can anyone take him seriously.

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    JACK, I respect your opinions, HOWEVER ! Everyone of us did not live under a rock our entire lives:

    WE HAVE family members, close personal friends, who

    1. NEVER ate any junk food
    2. Never smoked anything and never did illegal drugs

    they had the worst HC experiences, died of cancer, diabeties,
    heart conditions and so on and so on and so on:

    Just look at the huge number of children who die from cancer, brain tumors, etc. they have never lived on junk food, never have been Obese, never smoked in their lives

    In college we were assigned to take a stand and then find ONLY THE CASES that supported our predetermined conclusion, we had to toss out everything that dispelled our conclusion, and it was amazing at the convincing cases we made. IT IS SO EASY

    We all know folks to lived to be 100 who smoked, ate junk food, etc. etc. etc. and were never sick a day in their lives. I have a neighbor at 98 still smokes like a steam engine, never sees a DR. gets a minimum of 3 meals a week at McDonalds.

    WE ALL NEED TO STICK TO FACTS, documented facts, and check everything twice.

    My father’s family, smoked, ate the fat of the land, didn’t have pristine water to flush their jons and on and on and on, gawd, they had bacon grease for breakfast.
    they had pure cream on fresh bread.

    My father and his brothers all lived into to their late 90’s and only one of them ever spent a day in the hospital. None were in a wheel chair, or a vegetable before they died.

    IT IS SO EASY to get caught up in our fabrications, distortions, imaginations that we can’t see reality.

    WHAT IS OBAMA going to do to the OHIO and NEBRASKA AMISH settlers, force them into OBAMA care ? FINE THEM or throw them into jail if they do not sign up for his OBAMA SCARE ?

  • I never said that no one needs health care. what I was saying is that the vast majority of people with health problems can solve them through diet and exercise. That would then free up a lot of money for people who really NEED health care.

    This whole movement is about taking responsibility for ourselves in making sure our gov is run correctly, well it shouldn’t stop there. we should take responsibility for making OUR OWN BODIES run correctly as well. That is connected with demanding that our food is not highly processed and regulated.

    All of this is connected. There isn’t just a web of conspirators. There is also a web of issues that are all interconnected. Our lives are filled with worry. Worry is probably what’s killing these people who don’t eat junk food or smoke.

    and no eating right and getting exercise wont solve everything for everyone, but it’ll help.

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