Sarkozy; The Honeymoon Is Over

I am thinking that if these statements are true, Sarkozy is probably saying what we were saying for months; “we are so screwed”.  Fortunately for the rest of the West, the silent majority is waking up the rest of America to the pResident, and slowing the trainwreck by melting the communication lines to the House and Senate.  Keep up the pressure on the little piggies in Washington folks!

By Logistics Monster


  • “If the leader of the Free World isn’t going to lead it, it isn’t going to be lead”

    Wrong, Nicky! It will be lead. By the nose, into the abyss. Now that this ass is the alleged “leader of the Free World” and isn’t doing the job, how’s about one of you Euro-Trash types that supported his hip, cool campaign stepping up to the plate and leading the Free World away from that abyss? Hmmmmmmm? Hmmmmmm? That’s what I thought.


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Sarkozy hit the nail right on the head. It’s good that the rest of the world are seeing what a lot us have been seeing for a year and a half. Unfortunately they are not the ones who will be able to get him out of our house. We have to do that somehow ourselves. In my profession I have been dealing with people with personality disorder for years. It is very difficult, to say the least. The ones I have dealt with have been locked up in mental hospitals. This one is loose and and at the head of our state.I hope he’s on meds!

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    International TALK STAR, our plastic media magnet, corrupt criminal Potus Obma is worse than NIXON !

    Watch the house of race cards fall.

    Val Jarret, Obama’s second wife, holds the property rights to the proposed CHICAGO OLYMPIC STADIUM SITE, is she the OBAMA’s current Tony Rezko?

    SO, OBAMA needs the Olympics in Chicago to personally become a billionaire?

    WHITE OBAMA with dark skin, has surrounded himself with a house of race cards that will come tumbling down.

    and: the Woodward/Bernstein dogs are nipping at his heels,

    Interesting that FOREIGN media is assisting in turning over the rocks that Obama’s corrupt criminal regime have put over their bits and pieces.

    We thank them all:
    Glenn Beck
    Michele Malkin
    and all of the alternative media for adding pieces to the puzzle.

    TOGETHER we can save this nation from uncertain destruction under OBAMA-SOROS et al.

    SO MUCH CORRUPTION, so little time.

    We must push harder for a few months and let them do themselves in.

    THERE ARE OVER 19,000 articles connecting OBAMA-SOROS-JARRETT, Acorn, SEIU, the OBAMA CZARS, progressives in the house and senate to the biggest scheme in History to destroy the USA.

    WE the people can win this one.

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