Rush And The Truth From “Nobody” Susan of Glendale, CA

2nd Patriot of the Year next to Janet Contreras who wrote the letter to Glenn Beck; 45 year old mom, Susan From Glendale, California in a 21 minute emotion filled statement of the truth of our current political situation.  Susan wants to know what we can do to take our country back and protect our childrens’ future!
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Rush and Sarah in 2010?

By Logistics Monster


  • cajunpatriot -

    Oh man, I heard it live today and it was a-ma-zing!! As Rush said, should be required listening for every person in Congress. I said to my 13-yo son, who was listening with me, “she just put into words what 3/4 of this country is thinking.” I knew it was something when Rush didn’t interrupt her. Her passion and fury were so moving…

    I just can’t figure out how so many can feel like she does, and so few have the power to ignore us all. Are any of them scared about not being re-elected? What is wrong with this crazy picture??

  • We listened to these 3 amazing clips. Wow, Sarah was so articulate! She’s helping more people wake up to what’s going on so we can act next year and start to put things right. If the Senate does attach a healthcare amendment to another bill, there will be hell to pay on all sides. Hard to imagine that happening but I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Kristen-in-ohio -

    She spoke for me and millions of other moms who feel helpless right now. Furious doesn’t even describe how I’ll feel if they back door this healthcare legislation. These were great clips thanks for posting them.

  • Susan and Sarah for 2012. If Susan can do what she did without a speech writer and a teleprompter just think of what she could with them. She would wipe out Obama.

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