Your Daily Glenn Beck; 9.29.09

Does not seem like there is going to be a tsunami here in the islands.  Big a** ship still in the bay.

In the meantime; Glenn compares Tea Party goers to the G20 protesters.

Patriot’s Network carries the full show at their website, here.

By Logistics Monster


  • The G20 protesters were in no way like the 912 Patriots. When my family got back from the march they all commented on how orderly and clean everything was. Unlike most other demonstrations that have been held in Washington, there was no need for all night janitors to clean up the trash and mess because there was none. This goes to show the world that these 912 Patriots are true Americans determined to take back their country and not rabble rousers out to wreck it.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    How the NYT can look a videos of Pittsburgh and print that it was peaceful is beyond me. Such propaganda. I was in DC and know for a fact how peaceful it was.

  • Practical Madman -

    I listened to Alex Jones on Monday, and he had Jason Bermas and Lou Radowski (sp?) who were both there filming and reporting (with media credentials). They were both arrested, beaten, tear gassed, and held in detention, for no reason (and they have the video to prove it). The thugs that did the damage and caused the disturbance were dressed in black with black bandannas over their faces and they were being called down by the crowd. The crowd did not want this to happen, it was these few black clad thugs that did it all. Witnesses said that the black clad thugs were police that disappeared back behind the police lines (not arrested)when things got out of hand and the police started moving on the protesters. The Pitt. newspaper even reported the next day that the black clad thugs were police agent provocateurs.

    The police used sound weapons on the crowd. This is an extremely harmful weapon that can cause permanent ear drum damage, and should never be used on the people of this country. It was used in Iraq against the insurgents. The police then went through the neighborhoods aiming their sound weapon on people sitting on their own porches. People that were no where near the “riot”.

    If you doubt anything I say here go to and see the videos yourself. There are videos on YouTube showing the black clad thugs that did the damage. There are videos of the sound weapons being used. I am so glad that nothing like this happened in DC on 9/12, but no one can say that the crowd in Pitt. deserved this treatment. There were 300 protesters and 1200 cops and when told to disperse, the crowd had no place to go as they were totally surrounded. That is it, 300 protesters, as heard on the internet radio and seen on videos from witnesses that were there.

    On the video, Lou Radowski had a bull horn asking the police which way to go. He was telling the police that the crowd was trying to cooperate, but were surrounded and did not know which way to go to comply. They tried to enter a park to get out of the situation, only to be flanked by police and told to exit the park. As they tried to, they were assaulted by the police for failure to comply. Lou was repeatedly struck on the back and neck with a baton, and as he was laying on the ground had tear gas sprayed in his face. We are in a police state, and the sooner you realize this, the better. This was a total set up and the police should be ashamed for the treatment they gave to the peaceful protesters. We DO have a right to freedom of speech and a freedom to protest, and we have a right to be secure in our persons. Do not believe what you hear on the TV or papers, look at the videos and make up your own mind.

  • Thanks for posting the Beck clip. I’m at the beach so out of touch. Haven’t been around to watch. Glad you’re not getting a tsunami.

    The contrast between the G20 leftists and the 9/12 folks is amazing. It’s the difference between those who believe in rule of law and those who don’t. The USA was based on the concept of rule of law from the Talmud. There’s a reason leftists are anti-America and anti-Israel.

    BTW, for the benefit of those who think the G20 protesters were peaceful, they did not have a permit so they were breaking the law. The police officers were doing their job.

  • Practical Madman -

    Permits are a form of control of your freedom. If you are denied a permit you are denied free speech. The founding fathers did not need a permit to fight for those freedoms. If you need a permit to suck air, THEY will deny it.

    If those that do not take to the task of fighting for your freedoms I say this: May you crouch down and lick the boots of those that oppress you. May your chains rest upon you lightly and may history forget that we counseled your opinion. Freedom does not defend itself. It is our DUTY to stand up for it or LOOSE it, one small permit at a time.

    Permits = Total control. It is an infringement of your right and a way to make a criminal of legal citizens saying something “THEY” don’t like.

    The protests WERE peaceful, it was the police that were not!
    Watch this video:
    Is it the police’s job to take physical action against citizens? Is it their job to assemble in numbers of 1,200 to “control” 300 citizens by near lethal force? Is it their job to use weapons that can cause permanent damage against the people they took and oath to “protect”? Is it their job to deny the right to leave an area THEY deemed an illegal gathering, by cutting off all access to exits, then teargassing them because they didn’t leave through a nonexistent exit?

    I had the guy’s name wrong. It is Luke Rudkowski, the founder of We Are Change and he started that long before BO’s “change” campaign.

  • They are pulling the video of 9-29-09 Taking God out of Society!!! Just wanted to let you know. Youtube amazes me just shows they are owned!!!! Freedom of speech…….going down the drain! Guess the evil elite @ the top well guess the truth hurts!!!! God bless you Glen Beck!!!!

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