Once Again, The Difference Between Patriots And Moonbats

No words necessary…

By Logistics Monster


  • Fox(faux) news again making up news so it’s fair and balenced towards Rethugs………………..100’s of thousands lol
    Patriots??rightwingnuts extremists and homegrown terrorists Most of you are,Most of those tpartiers are paying less taxes under Obama,Tparty an exuse to hate and spread lies and get some money for GOP.Bunch of hypocites,If you want to pass out your 4 page thou shall not pass GOP playbook around at churches written by Rick Joyner you should lose your tax free status.

  • Now, let me begin by saying that I am not supporting anarchy or the anarchists, nor socialism/socialists. But a majority of the G-20 protesters were non-violent. Of course when you talk about anarchists there are going to be a violent few, but most are peace-loving hippies that want to see an end to capitalism or whatever “travesty” is happening in a rain forest somewhere. The only reason such heavy security was there was because of the 20 world leaders that were being held in 1 spot.

    But the “patriots” at the Tea Parties are no better. Many would bring firearms to their protests, while the anarchists would only use rocks. I think a gun is a bit more dangerous than a rock, unless you have a rock-firing gun (which I would want to see).

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