More Proof Our pResident Is A Pantywaist

I just love that term, pantywaist, don’t you.  Remember how he choked during the Somali pirate crisis? Does anybody think  Sarah Palin, John McCain, or even British MP, Daniel Hannan would be allowing I’madinnerjacket the leeway that Obama has given the crazed Iranian dictator in the last few months?  I’madinnerjacket is waving his private parts at Obama’s auntie.

Iran test-fires missiles amid nuclear tension

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran test-fired short-range missiles as its elite Revolutionary Guards began war games on Sunday aimed at boosting the Islamic Republic’s deterrent capabilities, official media reported.

The missile maneuvers coincide with increased tension in nuclear dispute with the West, after last week’s disclosure by Tehran that it is building a second uranium enrichment plant.

State radio said the Guards on Monday would test-fire the Shahab 3 missile, which Iranian officials say has a range of around 2,000 km, potentially putting Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf within reach. It has been tested several times before.

Iran’s English-language Press TV said two short-range missiles as well as a multiple missile launcher were tested on the exercise’s first day.

Iran has said it would respond to any attack by targeting U.S. interests in the region and Israel, as well as closing the Strait of Hormuz, a vital route for world oil supplies.

What do you think Bibi and the rest of Israel are doing right now?

By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    Breaking news, Obama hiding under his desk. Obama is more lilely to attack Israel then Iran. Being a Communist and a Muslim it has to be very difficult at times for him to remember to mask his hatred for the Jews and Infidels. He probably agrees with Achysmellyjock and pictures himself as the Communist Muslim dictator of America.

    Unfortunately, the state of Israel has been abandoned by the Muslim Obama and their destruction is probably part of the Communist’s game plan for world domination. Achysmellyjock is just a means to a desired end for Obama. If Obama allows the destruction of Israel, just think what it will do for his credibility in the Muslim world.

    Israel would be wise to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capabilities as soon as possible, and America would be wise to impeach Obama as soon as possible.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Yes, lets impeach him right now. Although I don’t think he can be impeached since only legitimate presidents can be impeached. He’ll have to be taken out in handcuffs or locked in a closet for the next 3 years. Either one works for me.

  • Practical Madman -

    pResident is the best way I have seen to describe this fool. He is not THE President, he just weaseled his way into residing there. He has no balls and no control, he is just the face that “THEY” put on THEIR treachery. Meanschelle runs the house, and others behind him run the country. he is the pResident.

  • Lets hope that Israel takes out the Iranian nuke sites asap. ALIBAMA is the most chicken shit leader this country ever saw. He makes Jimmy “peanutbrain” Carter look like a saint!

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  • Games are always soooo much fun. We should join in on the game and shoot down their rockets just as they get off the launch pad.

    Seriously, I do not like the course we are on at all!!! If we keep pointed in this direction the Biblical War of Gog and Magog looks eminent.

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