Your Daily Glenn Beck; 9.25.09: 9-12 Moms (UPDATED With Full Show Link)

UPDATE #2: Link to full 9.12 Moms program, go here.


UPDATE:  The 9.12 Mom episode that was pre-empted by His Holiness, The One will be replayed in it’s entirety on Monday, 9.28.09 according to a Tweet from Glenn Beck.


Glenn Beck talks to 9.12 Moms.  Bambi has pre-empted most of Glenn’s show for his press conference on the G-20, so when I am able to find the entire program, I will put the link up.  You can just imagine how *(&^%%$^& upset I am because I believe that with this adminstration, (like others), nothing is a coincidence or accident.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman, I thought of you, on the back half of the show that was aired Glenn asked if anyone had a representative that they felt was doing their job. A woman said he is not my rep. but Ron Paul is standing up and protecting the Constitution. Maybe there is hope that these can find common ground.

  • Practical Madman -

    I wish we could clone Ron…at least we have a start at it- his son is running for the Senate! Check out Rand Paul.

  • I sent several Fox executives a few choice words about their programming choices.

    FYI… Glenn Beck sent out a tweet on Twitter saying that the 9.12 Mom episode would be re-aired in its entirety on Monday’s show. Let’s see if Obambi schedules yet another “news” event at the same time (again). You would think Fox would know better than to fall for these sophomoric moves by the WH pResident.

  • Dug, Fox took a lot of heat from the left for not airing his last speech on the Fox entertainment channel. For some reason they held that against Fox even though the Fox news channel carried his speech.

    If Fox had not interrupted Glenn’s show that would of been more fuel that would of been added to the fire. Fox took the high road on this one, they lost viewers showing Obama, people will seek out Glenn’s show and turn off Obama.

    The word was that Obama did not include Fox in the Sunday marathon as punishment for not showing his speech on the Fox entertainment channel. I am not so sure about that I do not think he will ever go back on Fox, regardless of O’Reilly’s pandering to him.

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