Daily Glenn Beck; 9.24.09: Which Side Are We On?

Glenn, Glenn, Glenn; have you not figured out yet that you are just another bug like the rest of us that His Holiness, The One is NOT paying any attention too?  Do you not remember the very first “Let Them Eat Cake” moment when he told the republicans in OUR HOUSE that “we won”?  Do you really think a resident that flies in pizzas, has his empress move a farmer’s market a block from the WH so as to allow her to go grocery shopping for organic Tuscan Kale in style with a motorcade, blocking off streets, tying up police and secret service, and goes on vacation while the real breadwinners in this country, the middle class loses their savings, their jobs, and then their homes, gives a crap about what you think?  This man appears to be born, bred, and brainwashed into thinking he deserves this, and nothing you do or say is going to change all those years of training.

You are asking questions of a brick wall that appears to have a complete un-American and un-Constitutional agenda to dismantle our country with his executive orders including the sealing of his records, his absorption of the banking industry, his absorption of the car companies, his appointments of tax evaders, his DOJ CIA witchhunt, his HHS gag order, his apology tour, his throwing of Israel under the bus, his agreement to sit down with terrorist dictators without preconditions, etc., etc., etc., (and that’s only a small list of the decisions he has made after he was sworn into office…)

The only way we can save our country is to take his power away ASAP and that means flipping the entire Congress as their individual races come up whether in 2010 or beyond.  Then we find someone in the House of Representatives that has some cajones left and we start a full investigation of the emperor that has no clothes, and then impeachment procedures.  If our Congress can go after a philandering president, what can they do with a resident that is so connected to ACORN, SEIU, etc. and their very interesting tactics to achieve their ends?

If OUR HOUSE is full of patriots turning their backs on him and upholding their oaths to the Constitution, he will become invisible, and for this particular politician, that would be a fate worse than death.

Let Them Eat Cake, my ***.  I would make a better president…I have at least read and understand the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and I always try to do what is right, no matter how hard it may be.

By Logistics Monster


  • Short of Divine intervention, and I would never rule it out, it is going to take an election to turn this around. They never thought we would last this long and it has been a very long year, but we have the momentum and while it is another year we all just have to hang in there and keep turning up the heat to slow things down until we can vote the traitors out.

    I am curious as to how Glenn is going to present the Refounders, the last I heard he had 2. Maybe when a couple of these speak more will come forward.

    For the praying person I ask please do and every day.

  • Kathy – it is my understanding that there are 3 refounders and hopefully more will understand how tenuous their positions are as the elections get closer. It is amazing to me that so many can sleep at night while making such atrocious, un-american decisions.

  • letty aka granny gripes -



    my fury cannot be described

    they will get emails every day for a month on this subject!

    September 24, 2009

    [recipient address was inserted here]

    [recipient name was inserted here], POTUS, SENATOR, CONGRESSMAN

    OVER a 33% illiteracy rate in this NATION!



    RESIGN, if not, we are prepared to replace you:

    THIS IS NOT GERMANY 1933 ! Teach out kids to read and write, count, and honest science:

    WHAT IS WITH THE PROPAGANDA? THE POLITICAL and sexual junk you are teaching our kids and grandchildren?

    WE ARE BEYOND FURIIOUS and prepared to make changes:

    Elementary School Students Reportedly Taught Songs Praising President Obama (Video Link Included)

    Nearly 20 young children are captured in an online video as they sing
    songs that overflow with campaign slogans and praise for “Barack Hussein
    Obama,” as they repeatedly chant the president’s name and celebrate his





    END THE CRIMINAL corruption in this Administration, Senate and Congress NOW!


  • letty aka granny gripes -


    Anyone off the street can make a better President than this radical traitor:

    IT JUST DOESN’T end with him.

    I am willing to vote for anyone, any party who will impeach this corrupt criminal and all of his corrupt criminal associates and put Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Rangel in jail too.

    Every hour of every day he has a new deal to destroy this country and throw all of us to the wolves.

    I CANNOT describe my FURY:

    AND GLENN is WAY WAY to cautious. I suspect he has to be to stay on the AIR:

    HOWEVER, give credit to Brietbart for his courage and we all need to stand up and follow anyone who is willing to risk their lives to save this country.

    NO MORE BENDING OVER AND SENDING FLOWERS! This insanity must be stopped and we the people have to do it. NO ONE WILL do it for us.

    WE NEED a few thousand JOE WILSON’s and Andrew Brietbart’s

  • Practical Madman -

    Glenn has had problems with one of my American heroes, Ron Paul, and if he isn’t named as one of Glenn’s refounders, I will never listen to Glenn again. Ron Paul has gotten a bad rep due to the msm, but he is one of the truly patriotic and educated on the hill. HE GETS IT!

  • DaddysDarlin -

    OH WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!!! Obama didn’t know anything about ACORN or the fact that they received millions of dollars from our government, BULLSHIT!!!
    Obama is a fraud of the worst kind, he keeps his entire life a secret, he will reveal nothing about himself. Let’s just take a guess that Obama doesnt want us to know: he was born in Kenya, was schooled in the art of socialism, Marxism, and communism. He has quickly as he could put our country into the worst financial crisis since the great depression. He will not allow more troops into Afghanistan to help our troops who are struggling there, he’ll think about it while more troops die.
    Obama needs to have his ass kicked out of the White House, we must get this done before there is no going back.
    Obama is a blight upon our country and we must protect America from him and his band of thieves.
    We know he is watching our every move, anyone who has ever protested against him, but we will not be quiet, we must keep our voices raised until those in power are brought down!
    America doesnt want Obama, we don’t want health care rammed down our throats, so you can put our country into bankruptcy.
    I believe that Obama is the antichrist, call me what you will, I truly believe it.
    This is our only chance to make things right for our country and it’s citizens.
    We must impeach Obama and those who have helped him steal the White House and hid the fact that he isn’t qualified to run for president.
    I wish them all ill will, they would sell our country out for money, in the end they will end up exactly like the rest of us.
    To Hell With Obama!

  • Darlin? – Wow, what do you really think? But seriously, this guy isn’t smart enough to be the antichrist. If I had to nominate someone for that position, it would have to be Nancy or Barney.

  • Practical Madman, my understanding of the refounders is, they have to contact Glenn and offer to be one. I hope Ron Paul does, he is one of the ones who will speak up, I do not agree on everything he says but I do admire him for having the courage to say what he stands for.

    Ron Paul has certainly brought a lot of people together on the Audit the Fed bill, that must drive the criminals in DC crazy, they can’t even get all of their own party on board but somehow Ron Paul has reached across the aisle and has so many supporting Paul’s bill.

    If he wants to be a refounder I am sure he can be.

  • DaddysDarlin, there have been times I wished Obama could be the antichrist just because I do not want there to be a time where things could be worse than this. Sadly I am sure he is not but could you imagine the antichrist needing a teleprompter?

  • Practical Madman -

    Kathy- then I do not think he will be one. Glenn is one of the ones that tried to make Ron look like an old fool. If Glenn is going to wait for Ron to contact him, he will be waiting a very long time.

    If anyone totally agrees with someone else, they are lying. It is impossible for any 2 people to agree 100% on every issue, but to me Ron is one of the only ones in DC that really understands that the source of our problems is the Federal Reserve, the corporations that they control, and the influence (cash) that they hold over the majority of Congress. Much to my dismay, Ron will never run for President again. He knows he is getting old, and he is still smarting from the beat down he received last time.

    He has gotten quite a few to sing on to his audit the Fed bill, but the Fed has enough money (they print it), they are already trying to line up their minions to take the teeth out of any bill that may survive. THEY will not loose their strangle hold they have on this country. Revolution is the only way we will get them out of power.

  • Practical Madman, I guess than maybe we can just hope that all who can will do what they can to expose what is going on. I understand about pride and feeling you have been wronged in some way and a lot of times it is so. I would like to think that all who love this country will put those things aside and do what they know in their heart is the right thing.

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