Your Daily 9.12 March Inspiration

For all of you 60,000 marchers, LOL 9.12 patriots that marched on Washington, D.C., and for the estimated 100 million that could not attend, please view this video every single time you think Bambi/Mishy/Nancy/Harry/etc.  are going to fundamentally transform our country, destroy our Constitution, redistribute our wealth,  and we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. I recommend every morning with your coffee.  Please pass this video on and go over and vote it up.

H/T to Pitchfork Patriot for an outstanding vid, and Twana from Constitutional Emergency for sending it over:

By Logistics Monster


  • Freaking awesome video slideshow! I watched in HD full screen and it looks fantastic. Thanks for posting it.

  • Ron – so good to hear a college professor say freakin’! LOL. It was quite an experience and if a person’s eyes don’t tear up watching that video – I don’t know what will. Ironic that it is a british rock band.

  • It was wonderful to view and is certainly something I will go back and watch on those bad days when I need a reminder of how far we have come. Thanks

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks,DT, that is a great video. I was stayng in the hotel with that group. They were all very nice.

  • It is simply amazing how many people were there. I believe that is more than I’ve ever seen! The disgrace of the media for barely covering it is also amazing. Certainly you realize how many of us would have liked to have been there and couldn’t be there? So now what? We can’t stop there.


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