We Have ‘Misplaced Anger’.

Now the pResident is playing at psychologist, and he is appearing to diagnose my views of his healthcare plan on late night television because I believe his plan is fascist?  Remember the definition of fascism is socialism with a thin veneer of capitalism.  Sounds and looks like the takeover of the banks, car companies, energy, healthcare, etc.  If it looks like a duck…

When will somebody investigate, and then impeach this poor excuse for the Leader of The Free World who continues to embarrass us?

From Breitbart and Daily Motion:

Now excuse me while I continue to look for one of those millions of new jobs…


By Logistics Monster


  • Well I guess we have made some progress, at least it is not blamed on racism.

    This from a friend in an e-mail:

    Cash for Clunkers-The POSITIVE results:

    It’s taken thousands of Obama bumper stickers off the road!

  • Kathy – ya know what I really hate? Having this avalanche of crap coming down on us and not writing about every single POS because I am trying to figure out the threads of another web. I guess I am just gonna have to write a bunch of little pieces to get back in the groove!

  • We appreciate anything that you write, Diamond, but we are anxiously awaiting your return from the rabbit hole.

  • Diamond,you do what ever you need to do. As long as we hear from you once in awhile we know you are okay.

  • Lee – thanks for the encouragement. I have just scratched the surface but as far as I can tell, this is a group of bankers whose main job is too keep the global economy from collapsing. Guess they weren’t doing their jobs according to their mission statement, yes?

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks again for what you do, DT. We appreciate it and look forward to your posts.

    Regarding that video. He is such a liar saying the last thing he wanted to do is bail out wall street! He was part of the cause of the collapse and then orchestrated the bailout. I tell you, it was all I could do to keep from turning off that video of him. He nauseates me so. Letterman must have been sitting there thinking he was being fed a bunch of BS.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama is nothing but a lying street corner hustler from Chicago. He is merely pimping for the Communist take over of America. He has turned his back on most of our allies, hung Israel out to dry, spent us into tax hell oblivion, destroyed our intelligence gathering community, weakened our military, and is getting ready to finish the job of destroying America with his ever accellerating communist agenda. In spite of the patriotic response on 9/12 he continues to destroy our country all the while not giving a damn what the majority of Americans think about it in the process. The Honduran military had the back bone to remove their unconstitutional, communist scumbag from office, what the hell is wrong with our military?

  • Diamond… I’ve been doing some reading on some of the financial, housing, and banking stuff as of late. We are sitting on a ticking debt bomb that is going to explode soon… no longer a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.

    The degree of accounting fraud going on makes Enron look angelic. Couple that with this administration’s spending and lack of any action on the employment front, it just boggles the mind.

    I just don’t think the general public has a clue just HOW bad this is. I think they know we are on the wrong course. I just don’t think they realize that we may be beyond the point of being able to recover from the math of it all.

  • Dug – we are screwed six ways from Sunday on this one. Yes, most of America has no idea how bad it is going to get and these guys are just throwing gasoline on a raging inferno right now. When the rest of the home mortgages reset from now through 2013, when the commercial real estate resets from now to 2013, and when, among other situations, FDIC goes broke – well, you know what is happening…educated person!

  • Q: Why isn’t Letterman politely pointing out that while Wall Street was running wild with their lack of regulation, one of the 535 people Constitutionally charged with regulating them was one Barrack Hussein Obama?

    A: Because Letterman won’t bite the hand that feeds him!

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    FLOOD their inboxes for a week: Demand answers:



    3…WHERE is the unlimited free “GREEN ENERGY” ??

    4. Why are the corrupt criminals still in congress, the senate, and administration ?

  • Diamond… a nice history of the 1930’s Depression and how it relates to today from one of my favorite economists (Laffer):


    The one thing he doesn’t mention is the fact that we weren’t in this much debt back then. Our old buddy, Karl at Market Ticker, just keeps hammering the point that it is not a matter of liquidity… it is that everyone has “hit the wall” on debt and can’t service any more of it. Somehow, I don’t think Bernanke (a supposed student of the Depression), TurboTax Timmy, and the wizards at the Fed have figured this out yet.

    The incompetence and hubris of this administration is amazing.

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