Daily Glenn Beck; 9.22.09: Fundamental Transformation

It is not a far stretch of the imagination to think that Glenn Beck has spent some time here on The Monster reading the Socialism Page when in the first minute he talks about the puzzle that life has become. Take a real good look at the banner on this site and tell me I am mistaken considering the monster has almost every government agency, large bank, and defense contractor stopping by on a regular basis. This morning, all of my stat programs crashed with the exception of the my most trusted internal one.  Wait until I put up the next rabbit hole…

Anyway, to the subject at hand; indoctrination in our schools and the intricate web of community organizations that have gotten a seat at the table.

By Logistics Monster


  • Even Dobbs on CNN picked up on the leftist propaganda video being shown in some schools. Beck tied it to Tides Foundation. That stuff has no business being in schools.

  • You can be sure that Beck and others have either personally stopped by or had their researchers. I have noticed on different occasions that after I read a piece on your site it is getting coverage from someone else.

    Also I do not know if it is just me but I sense a positive shift from some in the news about the internet. Of course it is on Fox only but it use to be if the blogs got mentioned it was in a disparaging manner. Now more and more I hear that the blogs and internet are getting credit for the stories. To me it seems that a message is being sent, if you want more information go to the blogs.

  • Diamond Tiger,

    I mentioned The Cloward-Piven Strategy in an email to you on 9/17 and Beck was talking about the strategy on his show that night…yyeeesss? Veeeeerrrryy iinntthheereestting…


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    We have to combat the indoctrination of our youth. I have been buying my grandchildren books on the Revolution and the founding fathers. There is a big selection of them for all reading levels, even some for the little ones who have to be read to. I want them to know what freedom means and how we obtained it in case they have to fight to get it back someday. They are the reason why I’m fighting now to preserve it.

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