Day: September 22, 2009

Your Daily 9.12 March Inspiration

For all of you 60,000 marchers, LOL 9.12 patriots that marched on Washington, D.C., and for the estimated 100 million that could not attend, please view this video every single time you think Bambi/Mishy/Nancy/Harry/etc.  are going to fundamentally transform our country, destroy our Constitution, redistribute our wealth,  and we don't have a snowball's chance in hell. I recommend every morning with your coffee.  Please pass this video on and go over and vote it up. H/T to Pitchfork Patriot for an outstanding vid, and Twana from Constitutional Emergency for sending it over:
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Daily Glenn Beck; 9.22.09: Fundamental Transformation

It is not a far stretch of the imagination to think that Glenn Beck has spent some time here on The Monster reading the Socialism Page when in the first minute he talks about the puzzle that life has become. Take a real good look at the banner on this site and tell me I am mistaken considering the monster has almost every government agency, large bank, and defense contractor stopping by on a regular basis. This morning, all of my stat programs crashed with the exception of the my most trusted internal one.  Wait until I put up the…
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The Private Sector Has Joined The Fight; Free Enterprise Nation

You Want Real Hope? As soon as the vid interview between Free Enterprise Nation founder, James MacDougald and Neil Cavuto hits the web, I will post it.  In the meantime, please be informed that the private sector has joined the fight and let them know, WELCOME AND THANK YOU! The Free Enterprise Nation: Private Sector Has Had Enough New Politically-independent Organization Mounts Massive Movement to Fight Extravagant Government Spending TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today The Free Enterprise Nation is beginning a national effort to unite more than 5 million businesses with 115 million employees and everyday citizens to fight excessive government spending…
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We Have ‘Misplaced Anger’.

Now the pResident is playing at psychologist, and he is appearing to diagnose my views of his healthcare plan on late night television because I believe his plan is fascist?  Remember the definition of fascism is socialism with a thin veneer of capitalism.  Sounds and looks like the takeover of the banks, car companies, energy, healthcare, etc.  If it looks like a duck... When will somebody investigate, and then impeach this poor excuse for the Leader of The Free World who continues to embarrass us? From Breitbart and Daily Motion: He Blames Misplaced anger by postertube Now excuse me while…
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