Daily Glenn Beck, 9.21.09; Obama In His Own Words

I had to pause the DVR of this because I just cannot listen to Bambi’s voice for long periods of time without wanting to barf.   I am glad America is waking up!

(P.S., Barack Obama’s Occidental College Records Release: Truth Or Fiction? now has 24,712 views. Are we breaking through on this ghost?  Also, I am researching a rabbit hole and trying very hard not to filter what I write about…there is just so much crap to deal with – as usual.)

By Logistics Monster


  • I would dearly like to see something come of this, but I won’t hold my breath. I think we need to continue to fight this battle on more fronts. In view of the great turnout on 9/12, we have enough patriots that coould accomplish a lot if we concentrated in ratcheting up the heat on our individual representatives. If everybody in their home states fought this corruption, it would show up in the collective body of congress.

    The only thing that will make congress act and do the right thing is for the voters to make them fear for their jobs.

    VOTE THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Practical Madman -

    It sure is amazing how these groups are so interconnected and the same people and their spouses are jumping from one to the other, yet Obamass knows nothing! He is not even a good liar.

    Barack is the name of the mythical donkey that Mohammad rode into heaven on, and this Barack is the ass that Muslim Sharia law will ride into America on once he is seated as dictator, but I am sure he knows nothing about this either.

  • I don’t think the left planned on a Glenn Beck. HE has a very unique way of expression; entertainment and enlightenment. I know the left is just waiting on the edge of their seat for him to slip up and drop the N-bomb or something but it just wont happen. They can’t fight him or defame his character like they have done with others. For this reason I am concerned for his saftey. Once the American public puts 2 and 2 together the left will be over for a long time and all that they have built over the last 50 years will be for naught. Will they let this happen? Will they let a large part of the Gramschi plan fall apart?

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